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The NAD T 517 is the latest in NAD's range of affordable, yet very high performance DVD Players. Offering both Component Video and HDMI outputs, the T 517 is equipped to make the most of your TV's performance whether it is of analogue or digital type……
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The NAD T 517 is the latest in NAD's range of affordable, yet very high performance DVD Players. Offering both Component Video and HDMI outputs, the T 517 is equipped to make the most of your TV's performance whether it is of analogue or digital type. If the picture is impressive, the sound quality can easily embarrass machines costing 3 and 4 times more than the NAD T 517's highly affordable price. Sonic performance on all audio formats easily rivals established performance leaders. Whether you are listening to CD or even MP3 and WMA files, bass is full and taut, mids and highs are detailed and smooth, and the stereo image shows depth and scale. Such outstanding audio and video performance exemplifies NAD's 35 years of engineering excellence in designing players that leave customers enjoying state-of-the-art visual fidelity and audiophile-quality music listening for years to come.

The NAD T517 is a very full-featured DVD player that offers a wide range of facilities such as Multi-Angle, Multi-Audio, Multi-Subtitle, Frame by Frame Playback, up to x 400% Zoom, Marker Search, Smooth Scan, Slow Motion and Repeat. Buyers will also appreciate convenience features such as Fast Disc Loading and Last Scene Book Marking (picks up where you left off if the viewing session is interrupted). All of these facilities can be easily accessed with the supplied remote control.

With four video connection options and four audio connection options, complete compatibility with any Home Theatre set-up is assured. Whether you simply want to add DVD to your current TV or desire a complete digital surround sound experience, the NAD T517 is fully up to the task. Audio is available in 2 channel analogue, SCART (230V version only), Coaxial and Optical digital (SPDIF) and HDMI.

The NAD T517 includes the latest type of connection - the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). With High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP), HDMI allows direct transmission of uncompressed HD video and audio up to 1080p resolution. HDMI is not "just another connector" as it can transmit encrypted picture data at rates up to 5 gbps - that's 5 gigabytes per second! This very high speed demands precision in every aspect of the signal path, including the connecting cable.

Audio performance is fully up to NAD's high standards. The NAD T517 is a superb music player for CD and even includes USB input in the front panel where you can connect and playback a USB memory stick that has stored MP3/WMA/JPEG/DivX files. With full support for CD-R and CD-RW formats, the T517 is right up to date. Even MP3 and WMA files can be played back on this versatile player, with a CD-R/-RW disc capable of up to 10 hours of continuous music playback! The same is true for USB playback with the USB memory stick limited only by its memory size and compression rate!

Whichever audio format is chosen, the signal will be processed and decoded with typical NAD precision. The analogue output stages are fed from separate regulated power supplies and utilize audiophile quality parts to retain all the dynamics and detail contained in the original recording.

Equal attention has been paid to the video performance capabilities: Keeping signal paths short and direct to minimise any interference, the 12 bit 148 MHz Video DACs are capable of reproducing the finest of picture details, where black is truly black and with vivid colours extremely faithful to the original.

The Component Video output (Y, Cb/Pb, Cr/Pr) sports Progressive Scan to get the most out of the latest high-end digital video monitors and projectors with significantly increased resolution when compared to standard, interlaced video. For video displays without Component Video input, the SCART (230V version only) and S-Video connectors offer superior video performance.

  • Plays DVD video, DVD±R, DVD±RW, VCD/SVCD with playback control (PBC), Audio CD and CD-R/CD-RW that contains audio titles, DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG files
  • USB Memory stick/Plays MP3/WMA/ JPEG/DivX files that are stored in the external USB Memory stick
  • Coaxial and Optical digital outputs
  • Audiophile quality 24 bit 192 kHz DACs
  • 12-bit Video DAC running at 148 MHz
  • Progressive scan with pixel-by-pixel processing for reduced processing artifacts
  • Component and composite video outputs. S-Video output (120V version only)
  • SCART output (230V version only)
  • SCART output (230V version only)
  • Video upconversion to 720p, 1080i and 1080p (HDMI output)
  • Fast disc loading
  • Scene Bookmarking (Marker), Marker Search
  • Zoom (x 200%, x 300%, x 400%)
  • Smooth Scan and Slow Motion
  • IR Control Input (rear panel)
  • NAD DVD 8 Remote Control
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    Brands NAD
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Frequency Response 1
    20Hz - 20kHz
    • THD
    • Dynamic Range
    • Frequency Response CD Audio
    20Hz - 20kHz
    • Output level
    2.0 Vrms
    • HDMI 1.3a
    No, Ver 1.1
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