The NAD C660 Dual Deck CD Recorder a great audiophile dual-deck CD-R/RW audio recorder, with a host of useful features and 4x dub speed.
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The NAD C660 Dual Deck CD Recorder is the first true audiophile dual-deck CD-R/RW audio recorder, with a host of useful features and 4x dub speed. It is an innovative audio product of superb performance and great flexibility.

For generations people have become accustomed to copying their favourite music from LP or CD onto cassette tape for use in walkmans and car audio systems, or simply to create custom compilations of their favourite music selections, making music listening more convenient and enjoyable.

Now the CD has taken over the role of the cassette, with portable CD players and CD based car audio systems. The many advantages of the CD over cassette include a more robust format (no more "tape-spaghetti"), much better sound quality, quick access to individual selections, and, of course, no rewinding.

But while the CD recorder immediately removed the limitations of the tape cassettes, it has had boundaries of its own, from the initial difficulty of making and changing "mixes" of materials to one's own liking to the later awkwardness in accommodating the arrival of MP-3. The NAD C660 transcends all the "growing pains" of CD recording and makes this a medium in which you can make copies exactly as you like and with greater speed and flexibility than was even conceivable with cassette tape. We know of no other CD Recorder that can match the sound quality, convenience, and flexibility offered by the C660.

  • CD-Recordable (Audio disc) and CD-Re-writable (Audio disc)
  • Dual Deck (1 x playback; 1 x record)
  • Will play MP-3 discs; up to 10 hours of music per disc
  • 4 x Dubbing Speed
  • DSP IC for MP-3 decoding, running "Fraunhofer" algorithms
  • Record per track or entire CD
  • CD deck will play un-finalised CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • CD text recognition and dubbing
  • Simultaneous and Sequential playback of both decks
  • Audiophile-grade AKM ADC & DACs
  • 2 Optical and 2 Coaxial digital outputs
  • Built-in sample rate converter: all sample rates from 22 to 96kHz are accepted
  • 2 Optical (one on front panel) and 1 Coaxial digital inputs
  • Remote control
  • More Information
    Brands NAD
    Product Specifications
    • Signal to noise ratio
    105dB (Play)
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Frequency Response 1
    2Hz to 20.05kHz at +-3dB
    • Disc Capacity
    Dual Deck 1 play, 1 record
    • Digital to Analogue Converter
    All rates 22 to 96kHz
    • Format's
    CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3
    • Outputs
    Coaxial & Optical
    • Dubbing Speed
    x1 x2 x4
    • Remote Control
    • Weight
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    • VAT No. 585 1698 93
    • Company No. 2540830