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The lowest priced best performance turntable from NAD, complete with Goldring Elektra cartridge.
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The 533 turntable is quintessential NAD - a simple, moderate-cost product with excellent performance and long-term reliability. If you have been wanting to return to enjoying the distinctive sound of vinyl, or explore it for the first time, you couldn't ask for a better and more satisfying way to slip inexpensively into the fun of playing records. The NAD 533 is, by far, the lowest-priced high-performance turntable available, its tone arm is excellent, and it comes with the fine Goldring Elektra cartridge.

If, like most present amps and receivers, yours does not have a phono input, the addition of the simple and inexpensive PP-1 accessory phono preamp will allow you to enjoy the NAD 533 turntable to the fullest.

A high-torque, synchronous motor drives the NAD 533's platter indirectly through a belt. The platter spindle is supported by a precision bearing located inside a solid brass housing that is bored out to within 20 microns tolerance to keep rumble at bay. While most platters are made of metal, the 533's is manufactured from medium-density fibre board (MDF), whose high mass provides a flywheel action for smooth rotation and consistent speed.

  • High-torque synchronous motor isolated on high-density non-resonant base
  • High-quality Goldring Elektra cartridge fitted on One-piece aluminum pressure-cast tone arm.
  • High-torque synchronous motor isolated on high-density non-resonant base
  • Statically-balanced tone arm with magnetic anti-skate
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    Brands NAD
    Product Specifications
    • Shipping wieght
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    • Drive System
    Belt drive
    • Motor
    High torque
    • Speeds
    33.3 and 45 RPM
    • Tracking force
    • Cartridge
    Goldring Elektra
    • Operation
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