-Musical Fidelity Vpsu Power Supply Upgrade

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Upgrade the performance of any Musical Fidelity V-Series component with the Musical Fidelity V-PSU! Delivering far more current than the wimpy wall-wart power supplies
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-Musical Fidelity Vpsu Power Supply Upgrade

Upgrade the performance of any Musical Fidelity V-Series component with the Musical Fidelity V-PSU! Delivering far more current than the wimpy wall-wart power supplies that accompany the V-Series gear, the V-PSU makes a substantial sonic upgrade for any V-Series component. The Musical Fidelity VPSU power supply also has a number of convenient features improving the usability of V-Series components.

Upgrading the power supply on a V-Series component is the easiest and most effective way to improve its performance. Adding the Musical Fidelity V PSU power supply improves focus and resolution, reduces noise, smooth's tonal balance, increases dynamic drive, deepens backgrounds and greatly enhances sonic enjoyment. Bass becomes deeper and tighter, midrange becomes far more textured and smooth, and treble opens up with a silky, airiness. Imaging is clearer, with superior resolution of instruments, voices and the spaces between. Dynamic energy is also improved, making every performance more involving. For another big upgrade, swap out the V-PSU's stock power cord from our selection of C-7 upgrade cords.

Inside the V-PSU's sleek and compact housing lies a sophisticated DC power supply. The V-PSU's ultra-compact, high µ-core transformer provides near-instantaneous energy transfer. Each of the V-PSU's three DC power outputs receives completely separate power supplies and dedicated transformer winding. This reduces crosstalk between the power supplies to negligible levels and assures consistent high performance regardless of what power demands are made on the Musical Fidelity V-PSU. Low ESR, high-capacity power supply capacitors are complemented by mil-spec "blue" PTCs. The V-PSU's entire power supply chain is tuned for optimally-matched output impedance and high current delivery.

The VPS-U is like three separate power supplies all in one chassis. Able to power up to three V-Series components all at the same time, the V-PSU eliminates the tangled mess of having multiple wall-warts all plugged into a single power conditioner. Blue LEDs indicate which of the three DC plugs on the rear of the V-PSU are connected to a component. The V-PSU also features a detachable C-7 power cord and a power switch, consolidating all power functions in one place.

Very compact, ultra-high-speed µ-core transformer

Three Discrete Regulated DC power supplies, one for each outlet

Each power supply receives power from its own winding on the transformer

V-PSU Power Supply and 3x V-Series Connecting Cables included

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