A powerful speaker of deceptively modest dimensions, the MK Sound LCR950 offers superb sound quality with a minimal footprint in any living space …..
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No one - absolutely no one - has credentials and experience in the design and construction of loudspeakers for the professional and enthusiast that even come close to matching MK Sound's 35 years at the forefront of loudspeaker development.

The all new Miller and Kreisel LCR950 THX Select2 (Pending) loudspeaker takes full advantage of this unique legacy. Because the Miller and Kreisel LCR950 speaker takes its place in the range between the acclaimed 750 THX and the legendary 150 THX Ultra, expectations naturally run high for loudspeakers of such distinguished pedigree.

A powerful speaker of deceptively modest dimensions, the MK Sound LCR950 offers superb sound quality with a minimal footprint in any living space.

With an ambitious eye to exceeding those expectations by a significant margin, the MK Sound LCR 950 speaker draws heavily on technologies and components created for its famed professional and domestic siblings, while sporting its own distinctive styling with metal mesh grilles that impart an attractive, upscale designer feel. The cabinets feature soft radiused edges for a sculpted look that blends well with contemporary and traditional domestic environments.

Crucial to the consistency and seamless surround soundfield generated by the Miller and Kreisel 950 system; front and rear speakers employ the same innovative drivers, crossover components and technologies. While this may seem like common sense, many so called surround "systems" are in fact a hodgepodge of random odds and ends.

The new M and K LCR950 features the proprietary MK Sound Phase Focused crossovers, unlike other crossover designs that are optimized only for a narrow and shallow "sweet spot", proprietary MK Sound Phase Focused crossovers deliver razor-sharp imaging and fl at frequency response over a very wide listening area by optimizing system performance in both the vertical and horizontal planes At virtually any listening position, the audience will experience superior three-dimensional imaging and clarity for remarkable musical realism and dialog intelligibility

The M and K LCR950 proudly lives up to the MK Sound tradition as The Choice of Professionals and Perfectionists.

  • All-New Professional High Frequency Driver
  • Exclusive Phase-Focused Crossovers with Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis and Point-In-Space Analysis
  • Voice-Matched Satellites and Surrounds
  • Ideal Tripole surround dispersion
  • Stylish Finish with Metal Mesh Grilles
  • More Information
    Brands Miller and Kreisel
    Product Specifications
    • Freqency repsonse
    80Hz - 20kHz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • HF Driver
    1" Silk Dome Ferrofluid
    • LF Driver
    2 x 5.25" Polypropylene
    • Weight
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    • Company No. 2540830