Michell Tecnoarm 2 Tonearm

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The Michell TechnoArm 2 Tonearm offers an audiophile experience with a one piece aluminium arm tube with 22 holes to reduce mass. Ultra-low friction bearings, pure silver wiring and a new VTA/SRA adjust make the TechnoArm 2 an exceptional tonearm.

This reference-class tonearm by Michell Engineering is fashioned to offer an impeccable audio listening experience to a true audiophile. The TechnoArm 2 tonearm embraces a customised single-piece arm tube that makes it more rigid for consistent performance. The shot-blasted or beaded arm tube and the 22 holes on the underside help in reducing the mass for stable audio. This highly functional tonearm is assembled using the advanced ultra-low friction polymer bearings for an excellent sonic performance.

The TechnoArm 2 is mounted on an improved mounting base for high stability and adjustability. It is designed using pure silver Litz wire with a proprietary wiring loom with no internal joints. The TecnoWeight technology by Michell Engineering allows for redistribution of counterweight to track the easy movement of the cartridge. It features a VTA/SRA adjuster to set the height of the tonearm, which helps the stylus in tracking the vinyl groove at the right angle. The underside of the cartridge has an integral headshell which is designed parallel to the bearing position.

Michell TechnoArm 2 Tonearm has a one-piece punched arm casting with internal foam damping that offers low resonance and distortion-free sonic performance. The well-engineered tonearm holds advanced PTFE dielectric and braided metal shielding on its wire for quality operation. It has two counterweights that match different cartridges between 4 to 7g and 7 to 13g.

The idea behind developing this advanced technological tonearm is to provide a hands-on sonic experience. Every element is carefully designed to offer outstanding performance and ultimate audio experience. TechnoArm 2 features a machined flat, headshell to allow the horizontal movement of the bearing cradle. You can adjust and modify the bearing to obtain the highest level of accuracy during signal transmission. TechnoArm 2 increases connectivity and ensures the signal path is kept as clean as possible for high-quality audio performance.

Michell TechnoArm 2 Tonearm features

  • Shot-blasted arm with 22 holes to reduce mass
  • New arm tube design with three point mounting system
  • Low friction levels from handcrafted arm
  • Ultra-low friction polymer bearings
  • Pure silver litz wire for improved signal transmission
  • Extracts more from the vinyl surface
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Product Specifications

Effective mass

Low / 12.5g

Mounting distance platter centre to arm hole centre


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