-Michell OEM202 Tonearm

The Michell OEM202 Tonearm provides support for your cartridge, with considered engineering including anti-skate mechanism, high stability and custom wiring to give you the best listening experience on your turntable.

The Michell OEM202 tonearm supports a turntable cartridge in correct position and provides perfect levels of mass for uninterrupted and smooth music playback. It can be used with a large range of turntables.

The anti-skate mechanism of this tonearm leads to the correct movement of the arm over the record. This mechanism applies an outward force to the tonearm so that the OEM202 tonearm does not go towards the centre when it reaches to the end of the turntable record. With the help of this mechanism, the record can play clear, detailed sound. The unique anti-skate mechanism provides required power and eliminates the bearing friction on the record. It maintains the good channel balance that means it obtains equal sound from left and right channels and reduces the distortion, record and stylus wear.

The engineered design and the balanced weight for the record let this Michell OEM202 tonearm stand higher in the industry. High stability of this tonearm is one of the factors that results in the smooth sound production, as the stable tonearm eliminates the chances of vibrations while it is moving on the record, this enhances the quality of music and gives balanced sound. High quality materials used in the manufacturing of this Michell tonearm ensure astonishing performance throughout its life. Customized wiring in this high-quality tonearm is done to provide you ultimate experience for music listening.

Michell OEM202 Tonearm features

  • Lightweight construction and high stability playback
  • Unique anti-skate mechanism eliminates bearing friction
  • Customised wiring and high quality manufacture
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Warranty information for Michell:

MIchell products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. However, if something does go wrong with the product we are here to help. From your date of purchase your product is warranted against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 36 Months on Techno & Gyrodec's and 60 Months On the Orbe.

This guarantee applies to all Michell Products including. Turntables, Tone Arms and Turntable Accessories. Providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of premium Quality.

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