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The Marantz SA-KI Ruby SACD Player is a special edition Super Audio CD player released to celebrate the 40 year association between Marantz and Brand Ambassador Ken Ishiwata. Drawing on over 35 years’ experience of Marantz engineering, the SA-KI Ruby features the SACD-M3 disc mechanism, Marantz Musical Mastering Stream, and the laser-engraved signature of Ken Ishiwata.

CD Disc Drive

The SA-KI Ruby CD player has been extensively engineered and tuned by a select team lead by Ken Ishiwata, using over 35 years of CD player development. The SA-KI employs a new disc mechanism, the SACD-M3, developed by Marantz engineers purely for audio to play SACD, CD as well as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Toroidal transformers and isolated generates a generous power supply, combining with a high quality analogue output stage using the Marantz HDMAs, for clean and sophisticated design.

USB Digital Conversion

An asynchronous USB input handles high resolution audio formats up to PCM 32-bit/384 kHz and supports DSD 11.2MHz. All digital music is processed with the unique Marantz Musical Mastering technology, that upconverts digital files in to a single-bit datastream using the MMM-Stream converter. The high frequency signal produced is then processed by the MMM-Conversion stage in place of a conventional DAC to result in an analogue output. The USB and digital inputs are isolated to reduce interference and noise from internal components. The output stage of the SA-KI Ruby utilises HDAM-SA3 technology with low impedance output, while the all discrete dedicated headphone amplifier is constructed with HDAM-SA2


The front panel of the Marantz SA-KI Ruby features the laser engraved signature of designer Ken Ishiwata, along with a ruby motif to celebrate the 40 year career of Ken Ishiwata at Marantz. The SA-KI Ruby is available in a limited run of Black or Gold finishes.

  • Marantz SA-KI Ruby SACD Player special edition release celebrating Ken Ishiwata’s 40 year career with Marantz
  • Over 35 years of Marantz CD design knowledge incorporated into the SACD player
  • New SACD-M3 disc mechanism purely for audio
  • Compatible with CD, SACD, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM disc formats
  • USB input supports high resolution audio up to 32-bit /384 kHz and DSD 11.2MHz
  • Marantz Musical Mastering MMM-Stream upsampling and filtering
  • Analogue output stage with HDAM-SA3 technology
  • Laser-engraved Ken Ishiwata signature with ruby motif

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The Ear Hi Fi AwardsThe Ear Hi Fi AwardsThis produced an effortlessly musical result that picked out very fine detail on everything I played.

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