-Marantz MCR611 Black inc Dali Zensor 1

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Save money on this brilliant Marantz Package Deal comprising the Marantz MCR611 HI Fi System , a pair of Dali Zensor 1 Speakers PLUS 5 FREE metres of the QED Classic 79 strand speaker cable
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-Marantz MCR611 Black inc Dali Zensor 1

If you wish to enjoy high quality music, including the ability to stream global Internet radio channels, the Marantz M-CR611 Melody Network Receiver makes a case for itself with its networking features. The Network Receiver is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy connectivity. The wide range of steaming functions includes easy compatibility with Spotify, Pandora & Sirius XM, and audio services like Apple AirPlay. All resemblances to its previous model end with a bight strip along the front that changes colors. Further, this receiver has the ability to charge different iDevices whilst in standby mode.

The MCR611 Melody Network Receiver can be quickly tuned across a wide range of internet radio stations for ease of streaming. Featuring a digital audio amplifier technology, this receiver includes 2 channels of high efficiency and low distortion. Two optical digital inputs allow connection with a digital TV or Blu Ray player, while a three-line OLED display ensures a clear and attractive head unit.

The M-CR611 Network Receiver is a small item that allows it to be placed anywhere. The use of twin analogue inputs and an output socket should cater to any input you would like to use. A headphone socket is located in front and the receiver is compatible with Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, iOS, Windows RT, Android, and DLNA 1.5.

The versatile Dali Zensor 1 bookshelf speakers are ideal as all-round stereo loudspeaker preferably in small to medium sized rooms. It even works excellently as front speaker in a 2.1 surround set-up or as back speaker in 5.1 systems including subwoofer, as the distinguished and discreet sound resource it is.

Distinguished by its well-known DALI signatures such as the light and yet stiff wood fibre cones delivering a highly dynamic, detailed, and undisturbed sound reproduction, while ultra-low mass dome tweeter material ensures a widely extended frequency range. Discreet by its dimensions (H: 27.4 x W: 16.2 x D: 22 cm), 6-litre cabinet, and its design dressed in high-gloss lacquer finish that blends perfectly into a modern day interior.

The soundproof design ideas of DALI provide the background for Zensor 1, created in respect and admiration of music. From the overall and basic properties to any detail such as the integrated wall bracket, rounded edges, and rear-mounted bass reflex port. The Dali Zensor 1 speakers simply succeeds in converting amplifier power into pure acoustical energy without loss or limitations, and it will give pleasure to your ears and eyes over and over with focused, coherent sound and a stylish, visual identity.

  • Marantz MCR611 System Features:
  • Supports ALAC, FLAC, 192 kHz/ 24-bit high resolution WAV, AIFF files, and Gapless playback
  • AirPlay for Apple devices
  • Spotify connect built in
  • Optical input for TV
  • Marantz iOS and Android controller app
  • Dali Zensor 1 Speaker Features:
  • Perfect for small to medium sized rooms
  • Its versatility allows it to perform well in either a Hi-Fi or AV set-up
  • Very compact in size
  • Light, yet stiff wood fibre cones
  • Dynamic, detailed, and undisturbed sound reproduction
  • Rear-mounted bass reflex port
  • Integrated wall bracket
  • Speakers Available in 3 Finishes

  • More Information
    Brands Marantz
    Product Specifications
    • Total harmonic distortion
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    111 x 292 x 305
    • Power Output
    2 x 60 Watts
    • Inputs
    Inc USB front and Rear Plus He
    • Remote Control
    • Power Consumption
    55 W
    • Weight
    3.4 Kg
    • Frequency Response
    5Hz - 22kHz
    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewZensor 1 - Detailed sound; textured vocals; tonally balanced; high-spirited delivery

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