-Marantz MCR610 with Kef C3 Black Speakers

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Save ££££££ on this brilliant Marantz Package Deal comprising the Superb Marantz MCR610 System, a pair of Kef C1 Speakers and 5 FREE metres of QED Classic 79 Strand speaker cable
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-Marantz MCR610 with Kef C3 Black Speakers

Save ££££££ on this brilliant Marantz Package Deal comprising the Superb Marantz MCR610 System, a pair of Kef C3 Speakers and 5 FREE metres of QED Classic 79 Strand speaker cable


MARANTZ MCR610 The moment you see the new Marantz MCR610 you'll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. With a high-gloss jet-black finish and organically curved side panels the immediate impression is elegance. Looking closer, the front panel three-piece construction is similar in form to that of our Premium products - for added prestige, while the centre comes in either black or white as you prefer. And because it has an exclusive double layer finishing, there is a unity and oneness that breathes confidence.

The Marantz MCR610 not only looks superb, it's also a superb performer. Reproducing excellent CD-audio, FM, DAB and Network files., the Marantz MCR610 provides sheer enjoyment for your ears and pure sensation for your soul. On top of that, Marantz have added a host of networking and streaming features to this stylish little set. Not only is WiFi connection just a single button press, there's also a new digital input to enable you to connect your TV. The Marantz MCR610 plays thousands of free-of-charge Internet radio stations from all over the world via vTuner, or you can enjoy the online music service Spotify or last.fm. You can even access your own music library on your PC. And to top all that, the Marantz MCR610 also supports AirPlay, and there is remote control via the Marantz Remote App. In addition, there is a second rear USB port for added connectivity convenience. The Marantz MCR610 also supports ALAC, as well as 192kHz / 24bit high-resolution WAV, FLAC HD files, and Gapless playback as well. As always, the USB port is iPod-digital-compatible and is "Made for iPhone" certified. Whatever you want, the powerful 60W (rms) x2ch plays music loud and clear… and effortlessly, because the large display makes operation easy.

KEF C3 SPEAKERS - The new KEF C3 bookshelf speakers have been engineered to uphold the tradition and acoustically provides the sort of clarity, definition and spatial precision normally associated with speakers of a much higher price. Power handling is uniformly excellent, so they're easy to drive with virtually any amplifier and whether used for music, movies or games, the sheer quality of the sound they produce is equally captivating. The realism of the KEF C3 bookshelf speaker is awe-inspiring, even the most subtle nuances are reproduced, untainted by any vibrations from an internally braced cabinet and dense, two-layer front baffle system. Carefully contoured front slot ports help deliver a widely dispersed, extended bass. High frequencies are accurate and detailed thanks to the same 19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and 'tangerine' waveguide as used on the latest XQ range.

QED CLASSIC 79 STRAND SPEAKER CABLE - QED Classic 79 strand is an award winning speaker cable that combines convenience and performance. The QED 79 Strand speaker cable's figure '8' construction allows 79 strand to be used in the most demanding placement situations

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