-Marantz HD-CD1 CD Player

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Durable and performance-driven, the Marantz HD-CD1 is a compact-sized premium CD player that comes equipped with the latest digital audio technologies to provide you with a world-class CD music experience
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-Marantz HD-CD1 CD Player

Put together with the HD-AMP1, this versatile device can also be used as a CD transport. The Marantz HD-CD1 features a high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converter from Cirrus Logic. It has a highly precise system clock and of course the Marantz HDAM-SA2 amplifier modules too. Apart from standard CDs, its centralized CD mechanism supports MP3, WMA and AAC files too. This CD transport mechanism facilitates ultra-accurate disc reading while forwarding data to the HD-CD1's high-resolution digital-to-analog converter. The crystal oscillator master clock and a low impedance capacitor, which are both designed for keeping noise to bare minimum, make sure that the digital signals get transformed into clean and life-like analog sound.

Like all other Marantz products, the HD-CD1 CD Player too comes backed by the Marantz-designed HDAM Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules; however this has been made with the latest version, the HDAM-SA2. As compared to the all-in-one chip amplifiers used in the CD players from other brands, HDAM delivers superior quality music and sound, with the least possible distortion levels. Equipped with volume control and adjustable gain, the dedicated headphone amplifier of the HD-CD1 CD Player from Marantz is perfect for private music listening either for long hours or for a quick, short break from the routine deskwork. The headphone section also has a dedicated HDAM-SA2 amplifier, just like the CD player.

Marantz HD-CD1 CD Player has both optical and coaxial digital outputs and its coaxial digital connections make use of a high-quality gold-plated RCA socket. This audio player employs high-current power supply along with high-capacity storage capacitors and high-speed Schottky Barrier Diodes to provide exact reproduction of music. Its vibration-suppressing body comprises a double layer base-plate, a tough aluminium front and top-plate, and solid feet. The unit comes complete with an all-function remote control handset.

  • Marantz HDAM for superb audio performance
  • Reference-quality digital-to-analogue conversion
  • Dedicated headphone amplifier with volume control and adjustable gain
  • Analogue and digital outputs
  • High-current power supply and vibration-suppressing chassis

  • More Information
    Brands Marantz
    Product Specifications
    • Total harmonic distortion
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    109 x 304 x 312
    • Frequency Response 1
    20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Dynamic Range
    100 dB
    • Channel Separation CD
    98 dB
    • Digital to Analogue Converter
    CS4398 DAC chip
    • Audio Digital Output
    1x coaxial, 1x optical
    • Headphone Jack
    HDAM-SA2+Buffer amp
    • Weight
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