Magneplanar MG1.7i 3-Way Quasi Ribbon Speaker Off-White Cloth

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The Magneplanar MG1.7i 3-way Quasi Ribbon Loudspeakers offer exceptional performance from delicate ribbon driver producing a wide frequency bandwidth and incredibly low distortion. The MG1.7i speakers feature a wider sweet spot and a clear sound perfect for any music.

The Magneplanar MG1.7i in White cloth uses quasi ribbon technology for both the bass/mid-range and the tweeter, to provide coherence across the whole speaker. Quasi ribbon is a deviation from true ribbon design, by using a very thin film backing to hold the delicate ribbons in place. The quasi ribbon delivers extremely wide frequency bandwidth and high power handling, allowing you to hear as much from the music as possible, and performs well at high volumes, without distortion. The use of the ribbon results in seamless clarity with a clear and effortless sound.

Magneplanar MG1.7i uses quasi ribbon technology

The MG1.7i speakers are able to produce a wide sweet spot with off-axis placement, when the tweeters are positioned on the outside, allowing for a wider listening area. The imaging remains stable even far off-axis, and the 1.7s have the widest sweet spot of any Magneplanar speakers. With the tweeters placed on the inside, the MG1.7i speakers produce a focused central sweet spot.

The MG1.7i is hand crafted in the USA with all American parts, featuring either an off-white or black cloth grille and side panel trims in black, silver, oak, dark oak and cherry. The MG1.7i is a tall but narrow speaker that aims to be as close to the ideal design of speaker as possible. The MG1.7i produces high definition bass thanks to its larger size, however for those wanting more bass, a bass extension panel, the Magneplanar DWM bass panel delivers deeper bass whilst maintaining the continuity of sound between the magnetic planar speakers.  

Magneplanar MG1.7i 

  • Magneplanar MG1.7i 3-way Quasi Ribbon Loudspeakers with planar ribbon technology
  • Wide frequency bandwidth from delicate quasi ribbon
  • Low distortion and seamless clarity
  • Wide sweet spot with off-axis placement
  • Add a DWM bass panel for more bass extension
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Product Specifications


3-Way, Full-Range, Quasi-Ribbon

Freq. Resp.        

40-24 kHz


86dB/500Hz /2.83v


4 Ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1651 x 482 x 51mm

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