Magneplanar MG DWM Planar Magnetic Stereo Bass Panel off-White Cloth

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The Magneplanar DWM Planar Magnetic Stereo Bass Panel extends the bass response of your Magneplanar speakers, creating smooth and even bass. The DWM Planar Bass Panel is ideal for adding more bass to the MG.7 and MG1.7i when used in larger rooms, or even for the larger MG20.7i for a level and fine-tuned bass performance.

The Magneplanar DWM Bass Panel in White cloth works with your Magneplanar speakers to adjust the bass for your room size. In larger rooms, the impact of the bass is often less; the DWM bass panel offers you the flexibility to add bass diaphragm area to fit the needs of your room. The bass panel aims to get the bass range just right.

The DWM bass panel is a dipole thin-film planar/magnetic bass panel, with two bass drivers in one panel. Two voice coil grids are able to drive one bass diaphragm. The DWM bass panel integrates perfectly with the Magneplanar speakers as it uses the same technology as the bass driver of the larger 20.7 speaker. The DWM panel can be used to smoothen out the bass response of the audio, for a more even sound without discernible peaks or troughs. The ideal placement of speakers is often different to the optimum placement for smooth bass, therefore having a separate panel for the bass yields the best results. The bass panel can support the Magneplanar speakers up to 200Hz, to fine tune the mid-bass range without muddying the frequencies.

Magneplanar DWM Bass Panel features

  • Adds more bass depth to the Magneplanar MG.7 and MG1.7i speakers
  • Integrates with Magneplanar speakers using the same planar magnetic technology
  • Dipole thin-film magnetic/planar with two bass drivers
  • DWM bass panel smoothens bass response  
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Product Specifications


Planar-magnetic dipole bass panel.

Freq. Resp.        

40-200 Hz


86 dB @2.83V/1 Meter/50 Hz


4 Ohm

Dimensions (H x W x D)

489 x 571 x 32mm

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