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The new KEF XQAV30 speaker package combines the brilliant XQ30 floorstanding speakers along with the XQ50c centre speaker, the smaller XQ10 and the powerful high performance KEF HTB2SE active subwoofer to provide a full, fast and exciting 5.1 speaker package
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Following the success of KEF's internationally respected XQ Series, which won the coveted home theatre loudspeaker EISA award last year; we are pleased to present the new KEF XQAV30 5.1 speaker pack. Feedback and research has KEF shown that many people are looking for dedicated AV packages with each speaker carefully matched to complement various room sizes. When purchased as an AV pack, XQ Series customers can make significant savings compared to buying the speakers separately.

Heading up the front of the KEF XQAV30 5.1 speaker pack are the KEF XQ30 floorstanding speakers. The KEF XQ30 clean organic curves of the cabinet sides are calculated to maximize rigidity while minimizing unwanted internal resonance. The result is a refreshingly open, natural response that reproduces the complexities of the recording with equal authority whether you're enjoying music or movie soundtracks. With three striking contemporary finishes to choose from, the aesthetics are as distinguished as the sound. Lucid and deeply rewarding.

To perfectly match the KEF XQAV30 front speakers is the KEF XQ50c centre speaker, which provides the KEF XQAV30 5.1 speaker package with vocals that are clear and precisely located whatever the volume. Lower frequency effects are equally involving and delivered with real clout. So, as well as the radically innovative design, high end components and advanced engineering; you'll find yourself immersed in an intricate three-dimensional soundscape.

The rear section of the KEF XQAV30 speaker package is provided from the KEF XQ10 bookshelf speakers. What you experience with the KEF XQ10 bookshelf speakers is a gloriously intricate sound image - pure, clean and true, even when played loud. Whether you prefer string quartets, arias, sax solos or drum and bass, the KEF XQ10's musicality shines through - and with film or game soundtracks, it has the power to keep you on the edge of your seat. The KEF XQ10 bookshelf speakers are speakers that are big in everything but size

The KEF XQAV30's low frequency section is provided by KEF's high performance HTB2SE subwoofer. The KEF HTB2SE is as much a piece of modern design as it is an incredible subwoofer. A beautifully curved and yet surprisingly small and inert enclosure is shaped to eliminate internal standing waves and surrounds a 250mm (10in.) bass driver and matching passive bass radiator. The HTB2SE also features an ultra-reliable high efficiency 250W Class-D amplifier which can play very loud and very clean - all day long if necessary. All in this entire highly attractive sub is capable of delivering an astonishing deep bass for awesome movie effects or subtle musicality as needed.

Clever flexible positioning depending on your space requirement or your visual preference, vertical or horizontal orientation is possible.

  • 1 x KEF XQ30 floorstanding speakers (pairs)
  • 1 x KEF XQ10 bookshelf speakers (pairs)
  • 1 x KEF XQ50c centre speaker
  • 1 x KEF HTB2SE high performance subwoofer (only available in black)
  • Speakers available in a choice of 3 different colours
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