-KEF R Series R300 Speakers

The new KEF R Series R300 bookshelf speakers, featuring many of KEF's latest innovations in premium hi-fi and home theatre loudspeaker technology
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-KEF R Series R300 Speakers

The KEF R Series R300 Speakers feature a 3-way design with a tweeter and midrange in the Uni-Q driver, along with a 6.5" woofer to take care of bass duties. Their neat and modern design perfectly complements the fast and clean mid-range response with precise and clean low-end frequencies. The mid-range cone of R300 Speakers is made from an aluminium-magnesium composite. The ribs, which are present across the surface of the driver cone, lessen resonance and the surrounding material offers additional dampening.

The KEF R Series R300 speakers are equipped with a tweeter which is also made of the aluminium-magnesium composite. It is present to decrease the backward pressure, increase power handling and decrease distortion. The KEF's tangerine wave guide is designed in such a way that it gets fixed over the tweeter diaphragm in order to control the existing wide dispersion characteristics. The wave guide is especially designed to control those wave guides, which are present at the highest frequencies.

The bass output of the KEF R Series R300 Speakers is precise, faster and cleaner. The adjustable die cast aluminium feet provides support to steel spikes with combined locking knobs, which allows you to adjust the height easily. R Series R300 Speakers feature nickel plated bi-wire connectors with terminal linking control, which permits all standard connection methods and offer dependable connection. The reflex ports are designed in such a way that they are able to decrease turbulence at high levels by decreasing port noise along with low frequency compression.

  • Vented 1" aluminium dome tweeter with "Tangerine waveguide" crown to smooth out high frequencies
  • Stiffened tweeter utilises technologies developed for the Muon floorstander
  • 2" aluminium voice coils for the mid/bass drive units
  • Redesigned magnesium/aluminium alloy Uni-Q driver
  • Constrained layer damping panels help to reduce cabinet vibration
  • Hybrid cone bass driver
  • Lightweight aluminium voice coil
  • Bi-Wireable
  • Available in Gloss Black or real wood Walnut and Rosewood satin veneers

  • More Information
    Brands KEF
    Product Specifications
    • Freqency repsonse
    50Hz - 28kHz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Cross Over Frequency
    500Hz, 2.8kHz
    • Recommended Amp Power
    25 - 120 Watts
    • HF Driver
    25mm Aluminium Dome
    • LF Driver
    165mm Aluminium
    • MF Driver
    125mm Aluminium
    • Enclosure Type
    3 Way Bass Reflex
    • Nominal Impedance
    8 Ohms (min. 3.2 Ohms)
    • Weight
    • Sensitivity

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    KEF products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. However, if something does go wrong with the product we are here to help. From your date of purchase your product is warranted against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 24 Months on Speaker Stands, 12 Months on Amplifiers, 60 Months On Speakers and 24 Months on Custom Install speakers.

    This guarantee applies to all Kef Products including 5.1 home cinema speaker systems, book shelf speakers, rear speakers, award winning floor standing speakers, sound bars and sub woofers. Providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of premium Quality.

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