The new KEF AV10 speaker package is comprised of 2 pairs of the IQ10's for front and rears, the IQ60c centre and the KEF Kube 1 high performance subwoofer to provide a full, fast and exciting 5.1 speaker package…..
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The new KEF AV10 speaker package is comprised of 2 pairs of the IQ10's for front and rears, the IQ60c centre and the KEF Kube 1 high performance subwoofer

Heading up the front and the rear of the KEF AV30 speaker package is the KEF IQ10 bookshelf speakers. The KEF iQ10 proves that size isn't everything, with the sensational new 130mm (5.25in.) Uni-Q coincident driver array in a reflex-ported cabinet, the calibre of its acoustic performance is out of all proportion to its modest dimensions. Transitions between the natural-sounding high frequencies refreshingly open midrange and hefty extended bass are impeccably fluent. As satellite speakers in a 5.1 system, they're beguilingly descriptive and realistic, creating an engrossingly intricate three-dimensional soundscape that adds real depth to the viewing experience. Musical, efficient and transparent, the KEF iQ10 is a minor miracle of audio engineering that gives you the listening pleasures of KEF's latest technology at a gratifyingly modest price.

To perfectly match the KEF AV10 front speakers is the KEF IQ60c centre speaker, which provides the KEF AV1 speaker package with vocals that are clear and precisely located whatever the volume. Lower frequency effects are equally involving and delivered with real clout. So, as well as the radically innovative design, high end components and advanced engineering; you'll find yourself immersed in an intricate three-dimensional soundscape.

The beauty of KEF's new KUBE-1 subwoofer resides not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its unique cubed construction. You can discretely tuck the KUBE-1 into corners, its perfect shape maximizes internal volume while minimizing external size. Standing at 11.5" wide x 11.5" high x 11.5" deep, the KUBE-1 delivers amazing 3D sound and stunning bass realism, a unique trademark which KEF has aggressively developed on throughout the years

  • KEF IQ10 front speakers
  • KEF IQ10 rear speakers
  • KEF IQ60c centre speaker
  • KEF Kube 1 subwoofer
  • Uni-Q coincident driver array
  • Available in Black Ash, Dark Apple or American Walnut
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