The KEF KHT 3005SE K2 combines KEF's award winning satellite and centre speakers with the 200 Watt KEF KUBE 2 subwoofer
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The KEF KHT 3005SE K2 home theatre package builds on the strengths of the original 3005 package, which were winners of the EISA Best Home Theatre Product for 2006/2007. The KHT3005SE's are an extremely high performance, yet room-friendly home theatre system, which raise both the design and performance benchmarks in the category of elegant home theatre speaker packages.

Their specially shaped curved aluminium enclosures make for an acoustically ideal housing, and KEF's Uni-Q technology disperses sound around the room so well that you can 'sit anywhere' to enjoy the optimum surround experience. The radical new 'sealed suspension technology' incorporated in the speaker driver makes for a cleaner, smoother response. The satellites can play astonishingly loud, without sounding unpleasant. The distinctive ribs visible on the speaker cone improve rigidity making for a cleaner, more natural and dynamic sound.

Carrying up to 60% of the sound, the centre channel is vital in any home theatre system, and for the KEF KHT-3005SE K2 a new dedicated centre speaker was developed, the HTC3001 which is in a class of its own.

The KEF KHT3005SE K2 is complimented by the KEF KUBE 2. The KEF KUBE 2 is a powered sub-woofer, 200W class D amplifier on-board amplifier and a 200 mm (8 inch) long-throw down firing driver, embraces a new slot port design and combined with an Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) of the same size, the sub produces tunefully, defined bass with a tight response. Sporting a sealed modernized black cabinet, topped with a high-gloss surface designed for the acoustical ABS driver, the KUBE-2 delivers high-quality sound without sacrificing space.

With its sleek, compact design and uncompromised high-powered performance, the KEF KUBE-2 is the ideal small subwoofer for any home entertainment system. Pairing an appealing exterior with superior sound, the KUBE-1 provides a stunning bass sound with eye-catching appeal

The KEF KUBE-1 sub woofer is developed as the perfect compliment to any KEF home cinema speaker system, but can also provide stunning sound as a stand-alone sub woofer with deep, accurate bass and full-bodied sound are produced thanks to the 200W class D amplifier and 8" driver.

  • Unique design
  • Integral Wall Mounting System
  • High Gloss Black and Silver
  • Versatile Subwoofer placement
  • Upgradeable to a 7.1 system with an extra pair of HTS3001 speakers
  • Optional Floor Stands Available
  • More Information
    Brands KEF
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    High Gloss Black & Silver
    1 x KUBE 2 Subwoofer
    • Sub frequency response
    35Hz - 150Hz
    • Sub dimensions (HxWxD)
    • Sub Weight
    • Sub Finish
    High Gloss Black &
    • Maximum Power Handling
    • CENTRE
    1 x HTC 3001 Centre
    4 x HTS3001SE Satelites
    • Enclosure Type
    • Weight
    • Sensitivity
    • Impedance
    8 Ohm
    • Frequency range
    70Hz - 55kHz

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