-KEF Ci100QR Inceiling Speaker (Open Box)

With a two-way Uni-Q driver of 100mm, the kef Ci100QR is as satisfyingly musical to hear as it is neat in appearance…
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-KEF Ci100QR Inceiling Speaker (Open Box)

The quality of a speaker is no less important just because it's out of sight - in fact, with ceiling-mounted units, it can be more so. Designed to smoothly integrate and architecturally match with existing downlighting sharing the same size bezel, KEF's trademark Uni-Q® technology has a decisive performance advantage in these applications, because each point source driver array evenly disperses the sound, ensuring a smooth frequency response over a large area to create a spacious three-dimensional soundscape with genuine texture and depth. With a two-way Uni-Q driver of 100mm, the kef Ci100QR is as satisfyingly musical to hear as it is neat in appearance.

Purpose built for flush mounting into walls and ceilings these are the latest addition to the KEF Uni-Q Custom Installation series. Providing a compact solution to the problem of Hi-Fi quality sound from an in-wall/ceiling speaker, the kef Ci100QR consists of a polypropylene cone LF driver with the HF unit mounted at the acoustic centre of the LF unit. The bezel and grill can be painted to match the interior décor.

The 13.8 cm deep detachable back-can supplied with the product, provides a sealed enclosure of 0.35 litres volume for optimum low frequency reproduction. Sprung fixing clips give flexibility of installation in ceilings and walls varying in thickness from 6mm to 30mm.

More Information
Brands KEF
Product Specifications
  • Cross Over Frequency
  • Recommended Amp Power
10 - 50 Watts
  • Circumference mm
  • Depth in mm
  • Enclosure Type
  • Weight
  • Sensitivity
  • Impedance
4 Ohms
  • Frequency range
80Hz - 27kHz

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