-Isotek EVO3 Mira Mains Conditioner

IsoTek's new EVO3 Mira power conditioner not only cleans the power supply, improving picture and sound quality, but also offers unrivalled protection
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Your hi-fi and home cinema is under constant threat from dirty electricity which is full of noise, interference, and dangerous power surges. IsoTek's new EVO3 Mira power conditioner not only cleans the power supply, improving picture and sound quality, but also offers unrivalled protection. Unique surge protection circuits and a 'triple resonant system©' stop 'in-rush' currents, which not only damage but reduce a component's life.

Improved picture quality and an extended product lifespan are two of the key benefits delivered by IsoTek's amazing new EVO 3 Mira mains filter. Whether it is used in a full-blown home cinema system or as a simple upgrade for an LCD or plasma TV, Mira's advanced circuitry delivers immediate and significant improvements to the on-screen performance - crisper and more stable images, deeper blacks and more vibrant, natural colours. And it doesn't just work with LCD and plasma screens - it brings the same improvements to video projectors and traditional CRT televisions too. Picture quality isn't the only thing that Mira improves. Plug in a DVD player or set-top box, and sound is brought into focus, improving definition and detail. This isn't surprising as IsoTek's track record is second to none for designing and manufacturing world-class audio power management systems.

The IsoTek Mira mains conditioner is simple to use - first, plug the power cable from your TV or projector into the appropriate socket on the Mira, instead of into the wall socket. Next, if you have a DVD player or set-top box, plug that into MIRA's second socket. If you're using a roof aerial or satellite dish, plug that in too. Finally, plug the Mira into a wall socket using a suitable mains cable… and you're ready to roll!

  • Improves picture quality and extends the life of all televisions (LCD, plasma or CRT) and projectors
  • 22,500A of instantaneous current absorption; essential for removing high-voltage spikes
  • Massive surge protection (700 Joules - five times greater than that achieved by typical devices)
  • Eliminates mains noise including RFI and EMI which degrade sound and picture quality
  • More Information
    Brands IsoTek
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions
    82x90x150mm (HxWxD)
    • Power Output
    1,100W @ 110V
    • Output Connections
    2 + Aerial
    • Mains Voltage
    110 - 244 VAC / 50Hz - 60Hz
    • Weight

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