Pioneer UDP-LX800 4K UHD Player

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The Pioneer UDP-LX800 4K UHD Player is a state-of-the-art universal disc player, Pioneer's flagship model for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and SACD playback, featuring reference grade components to perform at a level beyond competing players, and without any compromise.

Pioneer UDP-LX800 4K UHD Player

Three Block Layout

The Pioneer UDP-LX800 is separated internally into three discrete blocks of the power supply, drive and digital processing, and analogue audio. Any electromagnetic interference that may occur between the three blocks is significantly reduced, producing a much cleaner signal. A rigid frame is inserted into the structure to contain the three blocks, and dampen vibrations.

Mechanical Construction

With UHD Blu-ray discs now spinning with rotation speeds of up to 5,000rpm, the UDP-LX800 remains stable thanks to the low centre of gravity and rigid construction. Potential resonance is minimised with these attributes, suppressing vibration transmission inside the player. A solid 1mm thick steel plate forms the top of the player while aluminium side panels are used for excellent vibration dampening. The UDP-LX800 has been designed to function without the need for ventilation holes, which are often the cause of internal noise leakage. When the player is in use, only the content will be audible, and not the player. The whole universal disc player is reinforced with a 4.6mm steel sheet chassis for high rigidity, as well as giving the player a low centre of gravity. With the high focus on building a solid construction, the UDP-LX800 provides an ideal foundation for the very best playback from a high speed 4K Blu-ray disc.

Signal to Noise Ratio

Digital noise has been reduced from the main Printed Circuit Board with the use of six-layer IVH interstitial via hole construction, in order for the full capabilities of the Ultra HD Blu-ray to be appreciated. Signal wiring has been fully optimised, and the ground impedance is minimised by the improvement of the Signal to Noise ration during the audio and video processing. High capacity transmission of the latest 18Gbps HDMI standard is also improved.

Blu-Ray Drive

The disc drive of the LX-800 is housed in a honeycomb stamped case for rigidity, and is coated with anti-vibration paint. With a spring dampened tray, the disc tray is sealed off and isolated, to prevent disc rotation noise being transmitted outside of the drive, making sure the universal disc player is as quiet as possible during operation.

Analogue Audio Circuit

With a dedicated high capacity, quick response power transformer combining with custom made capacitors, the analogue audio circuit creates a high current supply power circuit, whilst any unwanted electromagnetic waves are kept in check by a heavily shielded copper plated steel case with anti-vibration coating. The audio circuit design is derived from the flagship Pioneer PD-70 SACD player, with identical layout of both left and right channel signal paths, for the most accurate channel balance. The same 32-bit ESS Sabre ES9026 PRO DAC is used as in the PD-70AE.

Fine-Tune Functions

The transport function on the UDP-LX800 cuts off the analogue power supply when activated, using only the digital circuits when a HDMI is connected, creating an improved signal to noise ratio for the HDMI for even higher quality audio and video playback. Meanwhile, the direct function switches off the digital and video circuits, allowing you to enjoy high resolution analogue audio without noise interference from extra circuitry. There are two HDMI outputs supplied, separating video and audio. For optimal display performance, SDR and HDR preset modes are included, as well as Dolby Vision and Pioneer’s PQLS jitter free sound for connecting to Pioneer Amplifiers.

  • Pioneer UDP-LX800 4K Ultra HD Universal Disc Player for 4K Blu-ray, DVD, SACD and CD formats
  • Three block design separating power supply, digital processing and analogue audio circuitry
  • Rigid construction with 4.6mm chassis and 1mm steel top plate to dampen vibrations
  • Low centre of gravity keeps the player stable when playing UHD Blu-ray at 5000rpm
  • Improved signal to noise ratio with six layer main circuit board and optimised wiring
  • Isolated, spring dampened disc drive
  • 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC
  • Transport and Direct functions for optimised performance
More Information
Brands Pioneer
Product Specifications



Three-Block Internal Layout


Ultra-Rigid Construction


3 mm Steel Plate


6-Layered IVH Main Circuit Board


Rigid & Quiet BD Drive


Honeycomb Mechanism Drive Cover


Anti-Standing Wave Insulators


Video Features


Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback


4 Presets According to Display Type


Video Adjust




Dolby Vision (Low Latency Compatible)


36-bit Deep Colour/”x.v.Colour”


Audio Features


8ch Parallel Drive with SABRE ES9026PRO

DAC x 2


Large-Capacity Power Supply Transformer



Direct Function for Pure

Analogue Audio Output


Transport Function for Pure

Digital Audio/Video Output


Dual HDMI Output


PQLS Jitter-less Sound Transmission


Playback Media






DVD-Video/DVD-Audio/DVD-R (DL)/


Audio CD


USB Memory/HDD




HDMI 2 Out

1 Main for Audio/Video, 1 Sub for Audio

Digital Coaxial Out


Digital Optical Out


USB 2 In

1 Front, 1 Rear





Analogue Audio Out

RCA Unbalanced, XLR Balanced

Zero Signal Terminal




Power Requirements

AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

42 W

Power Consumption During Standby

0.45 W

Dimensions (W X H x D)

435 x 131 x 339 mm


13.8 kg


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