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  1. Grado Headphone Extension Cable 4.5M
    Grado Headphone Extension Cable 4.5M
    Our Price £37.49 RRP £39.95 Save: £2.46
  2. Hi Fi Racks Headphone Holder  - Mahogany
    Hi Fi Racks Headphone Holder
    Our Price £35.99 RRP £39.00 Save: £3.01
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At HiFix, we provide a number of accessories to help produce the ultimate listening experience. This includes a range of headphone amplifiers, which can dramatically improve the volume and sound quality of any jack they are connected to; an audiophile's delight. We also stock Sennheiser rechargeable battery packs.

Some amplifiers do not have a headphone input so for those customers who choose a headphone pre- amplifier, even if you have a built in socket you can also improve quite considerably your overall sound quality and your musical enjoyment.

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