-Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Absolutely Free (50th Anniv) Vinyl Album

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Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention Absolutely Free Vinyl, LP, Stereo, 180 gram

Absolutely Free (#1 In A Series Of Underground Oratorios)

A1 Plastic People 3:42

A2a The Duke Of Prunes 2:13

A2b Amnesia Vivace n1:01

A2c The Duke Regains His Chops 1:52

A3a Call Any Vegetable 2:15

A3b Invocation & Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin 7:00

A3c Soft-Sell Conclusion & Ending Of Side # 11:40

The M.O.I. American Pageant (#2 In A Series Of Underground Oratorios)

B1 America Drinks 1:53

B2 Status Back Baby 2:54

B3 Uncle Bernie's Farm 2:10

B4 Son Of Suzy Creamcheese 1:34

B5 Brown Shoes Don't Make It 7:30

B6 America Drinks & Goes Home 2:45

Bonus Section

C1 Absolutely Free Radio Ad # 11:01

C2 Why Don’tcha Do Me Right? (1967 Single - Mono) 2:39

C3 Big Leg Emma (1967 Single - Mono) 2:32

C4 Absolutely Free Radio Ad # 21:01

C5 “Glutton For Punishment…” 0:24

C6 America Drinks (1969 Re-Mix) 1:55

C7 Brown Shoes Don’t Make It (1969 Re-Mix) 7:27

C8 America Drinks & Goes Home (1969 Re-Mix) 2:42

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