-Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector

The Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector is the perfect way to enhance your home cinema experience
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-Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector

For truly powerful and immersive home cinema experiences, this Full HD 3D projector with 3LCD technology is your ticket to transporting the magic of cinema into your own home. Packed full of high-end projector technology, such as wireless Full HD connectivity and unbelievably high 600,000:1 contrast ratio in 2D and 3D mode, the Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector is the perfect way to enhance your home cinema experience.

Wireless HD The Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector allows you to watch your favourite films without connecting wires or installing cables1 - simply connect your WiHD device directly to the projector or plug your non-WiHD devices into the wireless HD transmitter. With the HDMI-MHL port, you can also connect and play videos, music and photos from your smartphone or tablet.

3LCD projector Enhanced by Epson's 3LCD panels, the Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector provides superb high quality images and rich, deep blacks for a wide variety of content. An equally high White and Colour Light Output of 2,400 lumens and ISF certification mean you can watch the latest films with bright and accurate colours in a variety of light levels.

Easy set up The wide lens shift, powerful zoom lens, automatic vertical keystone correction and centred lens make it quick and easy to set up in a variety of positions, without picture blurring or distortion.

3D Home Cinema You can watch bright 3D content with Epson's luminance enhancement technology and lightweight, rechargeable Radio Frequency (RF) active shutter 3D glasses2. Also, the Epson EHTW9200W Wireless 3D Projector easily converts 2D high definition films into 3D, allowing you to experience even more 3D content.

  • 2,400lm White and Colour Light Output
  • 600,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Transmitter with 5 HDMI inputs
  • 3LCD Full HD technology
  • MHL connectivity
  • 2 pairs of 3D glasses included
  • More Information
    Brands Epson
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    32dB (A) - Economy: 22dB (A)
    • Resolution
    Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 16
    • Lamp Life
    230W, 176W (economy mode), 4,0
    • Technology
    Projection System 3LCD Technol
    • Noise
    32dB (A) - Economy: 22dB (A)
    • Zoom Lens
    Manual, Factor: 1 - 2.1
    • Contrast Ratio
    600,000: 1
    • Power Consumption
    334W, 270W (economy)
    • Weight
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    • VAT No. 585 1698 93
    • Company No. 2540830