-Denon DM41DAB Silver inc Roth OLi RA1

This package combines the Denon DM41DAB Mini System with the Roth OLi Ra1 Speakers to create the perfect home entertainment system. . .

Combining the Denon DM41DAB Mini System with the compact Roth OLi RA1 Bookshelf Speakers, this package will create an ideal home Hi-Fi mini system, delivering an impressive listening experience with a small footprint.

Denon DM41DAB Mini System

The Denon DM41DAB Mini System builds on its predecessor, featuring improved sound, a more refined style, and better facilities. The discrete analogue amplifier circuit reduces signal paths for greater clarity and impact, while the addition of Bluetooth combines convenience with an off switch to reduce the influence it has on the sound of other sources when not in use. The beautiful new cosmetic design of the unit itself echoes the Denon flagship 'NE' separates. The RCD-M41DAB centre unit uses two digital optical inputs to hook up a TV, a set-top box or other digital devices that you would expect to produce high-quality audio. The unit also features a built-in CD player plus FM radio DAB/DAB+.

The Denon DM41DAB features a high power output with a new and fully discrete analogue amplifier circuit. The engineers at Denon have taken the original design and completely reworked it, from the styling of the unit, all the way down to the audio circuitry, offering more performance for value. This new amplifier circuit will deliver 2x30W, allowing enough power for the RCD-M41DAB to drive either the matching SC-M41 speakers or the other popular choices. A dedicated headphone amplifier section is also incorporated, for those who are more inclined towards personal listening.

The unit will offer the highest possible quality in sound reproduction based on the "simple and straight" concept. The circuitry inside the Denon DM41DAB Mini System is not complicated, as signal paths are short and all adverse influences on sound quality have been minimised. This circuit design , and the way in which the chassis has been built, will guarantee that reproduced sound is as close to the original performance as it can possibly be.

Most audio components in which various circuits, boards and wire layouts are present do not obtain satisfying specifications or sound by strengthening the power amp circuit. So, through elimination of three sources of noise, the Denon DM41DAB Mini System ensures that the sound is as clean as can be, suppressing distortion from the input selector, electronic volume and power amp, thus improving the signal-to-noise ratio and producing an even smoother sound.

The integrated Bluetooth will allow instant wireless connection to smartphones, tablet devices or computers/laptops with Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth is offered here to add to the Denon DM41DAB's wide range of input choices and further enhance the unit's flexibility when it comes to connection. The Bluetooth circuitry used here has been designed with an on/off selector for convenient control over the wireless connectivity options. The unit also achieves enhanced sound from other sources such as CD, DAB/DAB+, FM or digital when Bluetooth is not in use.

With a relatively small footprint, the DM41DAB's cosmetic design has been updated to match the same industrial design that can be seen throughout the whole of Denon's flagship New Era Hi-Fi separates, including the PMA-2500NE/DCD-2500NE or PMA-1600NE/DCD-1600NE amplifiers and CD Players.

Roth OLi Ra1 Speakers

The Roth OLi RA1 speakers really have blown away industry experts giving them excellent reviews for not just their sound quality, but the price they sell for. For starters, they are very compact, small enough to be easily placed within gaps on a bookshelf, desktop or kitchen countertops.

Each of the OLI RA1 Speaker contains a 1" silk dome tweeter. The bass and drivers are equally compact, made of fiberglass. The bass ports are on the rear but you can still place the speaker fairly close to a wall without having too much of a detrimental effect on the bass produced. While the construction and internal components have been price-controlled, they haven't compromised the overall quality; the smart visual makes them an ideal, affordable purchase. You might be surprised by the weight of these speakers, this is due to the quality construction of the cabinet that ensures long-term durability.

Each RA1 stands at just 23 cm tall-very compact by any means compared to most bookshelf speaker. Despite being at the entry level of the RA series of speakers, you really wouldn't tell with just how well these speakers can perform. With 4-inch woofers and articulate bass, the OLI RA1 speakers definitely impress.

  • Denon DM41DAB
  • Elimination of three noise sources for clean and most precise sound reproduction achievable
  • "Simple and straight" concept utilised for highest possible sound quality
  • New, fully discrete analogue amplifier circuit
  • Delivers 2x30W of power
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Roth OLi Ra1
  • 1-inch Black Diamond Silk Dome Tweeter
  • 4-inch Woven Fibreglass Hybrid Driver
  • Perfect for smaller rooms due to size
  • 2-way Bookshelf Design
  • Includes 5m of QED 42 Strand Speaker Cable

  • More Information
    Brands Denon
    Product Specifications
    • tone controls
    Bass / Treble / Balance
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    115 x 210 x 308
    • CD Formats
    CD / CD-R/RW / WMA / MP3
    • Frequency Range FM
    87.5 Mhz - 108.0 MHz
    • Power Output
    (6 Ohm, 1kHz) 30 W
    • Power Consumption
    70 W
    • Weight
    • Frequency Response
    20 Hz - 20 kHz
    What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2019What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2019Best micro system - A brilliant little system, now with the bonus of Bluetooth streaming.
    What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2017What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2017Denon D-M41DAB - Best Microsystem
    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewThe Denon DM41DAB is a superb example of Denon bettering itself in a field where is was already a leader

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