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The Denon DCD-800NE CD Player offers hi-res audio and accurate reproduction of material thanks to its Advanced AL32 Processing, Ultra Precision DAC and impeccable 100-year Denon legacy engineering to deliver the ultimate experience.

The DCD-800NE contains Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, the latest in analogue waveform reproduction technology. To support high resolution audio sources, the Advanced AL32 Processing Plus uses data interpolation algorithms, which adds in the points before and after large quantities of data, to smooth out the waveform and restore information that was lost during digital recording. This results in a playback that is highly detailed, with expressive lower frequencies and no interference.

With extended disc support, and an integrated front panel USB, the DCD-800NE offers high resolution audio playback in formats such as CD and CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA, with the USB port supporting DSD 2.8 MHz FLAX, WAV, AIFF and ALAC. These high resolution formats make the most out of the DCD-800NE’s powerful range and quality.

For accurate synchronisation in the digital circuits, a DAC Master Clock design is built into the DCD-800NE that uses the DAC as a master when supplied with clock signals. With the master clock adjacent to the DAC, jitter in the signal is reduced and there is optimal precision in the D/A conversion. Two separate clock oscillators reduce phase noise, and each support a sampling frequency, either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, whilst the DAC Master Clock supports multiple sampling frequencies from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz as well as DSD 5.6MHz.

Vibration resistant design is incorporated into the DCD-800NE to reduce the adverse effects of heavy components that often produce unwanted resonances. The power transformers are placed at the bottom of the chassis, lessening vibration in the surroundings, giving you only pristine sound. In order to faithfully reproduce recording as close to the original as possible, all the circuit patterns have been carefully considered to make the signal paths as short as possible. The shorter circuits pick up less interference and signal noise, creating a clean and clear audio signal to send to the amplifier. The DCD-800NE CD player also features Pure Direct mode, which bypasses DSP processing circuitry to provide sound directly to the amp, without any colour on the signal, resulting in pure, detailed sound, just as the recording should be.

  • Denon DCD-800NE CD Player with Advanced AL32 Processing Plus analogue reproduction technology
  • CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA supported formats for the CD player
  • USB Type-A supports WAV, ALAC etc. with DSD 2.8MHz sampling
  • DAC Master Clock for jitter-free signal and accurate synchronisation
  • Vibration resistant design with lower positioned power transformers for reduced resonance
  • Minimised signal paths reduce interference for a clean output signal
  • Pure Direct mode bypasses DSP processing for an accurate, detailed sound
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Product Specifications



CD Compatibility

CD / CD-R/RW / WMA / MP3

AL 32 Processing

Advanced AL32 Plus

DAC Master Clock Design



Dimmer / Off



Program Play




Random Play




Analogue Out (Cinch)


Digital Out

Optical / Coaxial

Gold plated Cinch


USB Audio (Front)




Remote Control Bus in / out





PCM1795, Burr Brown (192kHz/32-Bit)

Frequency Response

2 Hz - 50 kHz

Dynamic Range


Signal to Noise Ratio

115 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion




Available Colours

Black / Premium Silver

Metal Front Panel


Remote Control


Power Consumption in W


Standby Consumption in W


Auto Power Off


Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm

434 x 275 x 107

Weight in kg



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