-David Bowie - NOW Limited White Vinyl Album (RSD 2018)

Record Store Day 2018 exclusive release of David Bowie NOW on white vinyl.
This product is now no longer able to be purchased

-David Bowie - NOW Limited White Vinyl Album (RSD 2018)

This is the first commercial release of a rare 1977 US compilation LP on white vinyl, which was originally only a promotional release. The tracks are drawn from the Low and “Heroes” albums (all audio remastered from the “A New Career In A New Town” box set). The package now features a newly designed inner sleeve with black and white images taken in Berlin in 1977 by Corrine Schwab.


A1// V-2 Schneider - 3:10
A2// Always Crashing In The Same Car - 3:26
A3// Sons Of The Silent Age - 3:15
A4// Breaking Glass - 1:42
A5// Neuköln - 4:34


B1// Speed Of Life - 2:45
B2// Joe The Lion - 3:05
B3// What In The World - 2:20
B4// Blackout - 3:50
B5// Weeping Wall - 3:25
B6// The Secret Life Of Arabia - 3:35

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