-Dali Zensor Pico Speakers White (Pre-Owned)


When choosing speakers for your home, if it's in a small room you normally find yourselves compromising on size and also performance, Dali might have a solution for you with the Zensor Pico speakers. It takes a lot of its features and technologies from the Zensor range of products, so it fits in perfectly with the range and manages to keep up in terms of performance.

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-Dali Zensor Pico Speakers White (Pre-Owned)

Size wise the Pico is around 30% smaller than the Zensor 1 yet for such a considerable difference in size the difference in sound is miniscule. They can also be placed right next to/ on the wall if space is an issue and they will still perform to a high standard. The Pico is versatile so can be used as front speakers in a 2.1 set up or as both the front and back speakers in a 5.1 surround sound system.

It uses light yet stiff fibre cones which mean a detailed, punchy and engaging sound is released. Even though these speakers all small in size, they don't slack on the bass yet it's still not too in your face. But if the bass still isn't to your liking the Dali E9F subwoofer is a perfect match with these and any other speaker in the Zensor range.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a small dent on the side of one of the speakers - this is only aesthetic and does not affect the performance in any way.

  • 30% smaller than the Zensor 1
  • Can also be placed right next to/ on the wall
  • Light yet stiff fibre cones
  • Doesn't slack on the bass
  • Can be used in either 2.1 or 5.1 set ups
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