-Cyrus Stream XP Plus X Power Bundle Package

Save £400 on previous price when you purchase this Cyrus Stream XP Streamer with built-in pre amplifier + the Cyrus X Power 2 x 70 Watt power amplifier Streaming HiFi bundle.
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-Cyrus Stream XP Plus X Power Bundle Package

CYRUS STREAM XP NETWORK STREAMER - The Cyrus Stream XP digital audio streamer is the perfect basis for a new high performance system. Select from our wide range of power amplifiers to create a system that will excel with the finest loudspeakers. The inclusion of the latest streaming technology and upgrade options ensure this model will have a very special place in your system for many years to come. Capable of both wired and wireless network connections, Stream XP is the ultimate Cyrus streaming solution.

The core of Cyrus' streaming platform is the latest version of our audiophile preamplifier plus a streaming engine that pulls audio tracks from your network music library. This new preamp/streaming unit is designed to become the core of future Cyrus audio systems. It is designed to provide very high quality audio from a network and upgrade many other digital components because it includes a top quality Cyrus DAC. As well as internet radio pre-sets, the Cyrus Stream XP has digital inputs and USB connection for iPod or portable storage devices, plus 5 further digital external inputs for connecting sources such as a TV or set top box. All connected sources benefit from the high performance DAC with up sampling technology. The Cyrus Stream XP digital audio streamer comes complete with the stylish and intuitive n-remote

CYRUS X POWER AMPLIFIER - The Cyrus X-Power is a new two x 70W design developed to provide a matching power amp for the Pre Xvs and DAC XP. A single X Power with a pre-amp makes an ideal high quality pre/power system. Alternatively two could be used either bi-amped in stereo or used in mono providing 130W each. It will depend on your loudspeakers and personal taste whether you prefer the sound of a pair in mono or stereo configuration. Generally, bi-amping your speakers (a pair in stereo, one for bass and one for treble) will make them sound more detailed; however with more demanding speakers the extra power of two amps in mono will sound more dynamic. Try it and see if you prefer the subtlety of two amps in stereo or the dynamic power benefits of two in mono. Whatever you decide, the performance is outstanding and you may even end up planning to use four. You can upgrade the amps performance even further with the PSX-R providing even better resolution. Eight boxes may seem a lot but boy does it sound good

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