-Cyrus Stream XP Digital Audio Streamer

The Cyrus Stream XP digital audio streamer is the perfect basis for a new high performance system
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-Cyrus Stream XP Digital Audio Streamer

The Cyrus Stream XP digital audio streamer is the perfect basis for a new high performance system. Select from our wide range of power amplifiers to create a system that will excel with the finest loudspeakers. The inclusion of the latest streaming technology and upgrade options ensure this model will have a very special place in your system for many years to come. Capable of both wired and wireless network connections, Stream XP is the ultimate Cyrus streaming solution.

The core of Cyrus' streaming platform is the latest version of our audiophile preamplifier plus a streaming engine that pulls audio tracks from your network music library. This new preamp/streaming unit is designed to become the core of future Cyrus audio systems. It is designed to provide very high quality audio from a network and upgrade many other digital components because it includes a top quality Cyrus DAC. As well as internet radio pre-sets, the Cyrus Stream XP has digital inputs and USB connection for iPod or portable storage devices, plus 5 further digital external inputs for connecting sources such as a TV or set top box. All connected sources benefit from the high performance DAC with upsampling technology. The Cyrus Stream XP digital audio streamer comes complete with the stylish and intuitive n-remote.

n-remote is a special two way control unit that makes browsing your networked music library simple, whilst also giving you full control of your streamer at the touch of a button. It also has an infra-red learning capability, so that it can swiftly learn to control other products in your home, making this a truly flexible handset. The direct RF (radio frequency) link from the n-remote provides a robust connection to your streamer, allowing fast and reliable control. Whether music is stored on your home network or iPod, the n-remote makes it possible for you to browse your music library by artist, album, and genre or even access internet radio stations.

  • Just add a power amplifier and speakers for a truly high performance hi-fi experience
  • Stream music via wired or wireless network connection
  • Choose from thousands of internet radio stations via TuneIn Radio
  • Use the USB interface for playback from your iPod or for digital audio on portable storage devices
  • Supports 24 Bit/96Khz resolution for high performance and better than CD quality playback
  • Upgrade the audio from many other devices such as your TV
  • Supplied with n-remote
  • Upgrade with a PSX-R for the very best performance
  • More Information
    Brands Cyrus Audio
    Product Specifications
    • Burr-Brown DACs
    2 x 24Bit/192kHz decoding
    • Connections
    MC BUS
    • USB Port
    USB input for data storage
    • Wi Fi Connectivity
    Wi-Fi connection
    • Headphone Socket
    3.5 mm Head Phone Output
    • Inputs
    Optical Inputs x 2
    • Ethernet Connection
    Wired Ethernet connection
    • Compatibilty
    UPnP and DLNA compatible
    • iPod Input
    Apple iPod digital USB input
    • Optical SPDIF
    SPDIF Inputs x 3
    • Digital SPDIF
    SPDIF digital output x 1
    • Serial Data Port
    • Radio
    TuneIn Radio
    What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2011What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2011Best streamer £1000-£2500

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    -Cyrus Stream XP Digital Audio Streamer Product Brochure

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