Cyrus QXR 32bit/768kHz DAC Upgrade Enhancement


The Cyrus QXR 32-bit/768kHz DAC Upgrade Card is a newly designed DAC circuit from Cyrus, able to replace the existing DAC in older Cyrus models, bringing 32-bit/768kHz audio resolution to your digital files, and opening up an improved soundstage on all digital connections. To recieve this exciting upgrade, simply register your Cyrus product here, then bring it in store to be sent to the Cyrus service centre. 

Collect in store Not Available via Mail Order

The Cyrus QXR DAC upgrade features 32-bit/768kHz through an asynchronous USB port, letting you hear high resolution digital files directly from USB-connected sources, such as a PC. The QXR DAC uses an ESS Sabre DAC chip, offering improvements over the previous Qx 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC, creating a wider soundstage, opening the layers of your music for perfect clarity.

The optical and coaxial connections, whilst operating at the lower resolution of 24-bit, reclock the incoming signals, reducing jitter and producing an overall cleaner signal. This means the digital files from these inputs benefit from improvements over the older DAC circuits.

With the Cyrus QXR upgrade, the headphone amplifier has been improved to reduce the noise floor, which creates a more dynamic range. Outputting 138mW per channel into 16 ohms, the headphone amplifier can drive headphones up to 64 ohms impedance. This allows to use your Cyrus model comfortably with any pair of headphones and enjoy the music in your own private listening space.

The QXR upgrade card is available for numerous Cyrus products from over the last 10 years, bringing a vast improvement for many listeners without needing to purchase a whole new component. The Cyrus models available for the QXR upgrade are – 82 DAC, 82 DAC Qx, 8 DAC, 8 DAC Qx, 8a, 6 DAC, 6a, 8 XP, 8 XPd Qx, 6 XP, 6 XPd, Pre2 DAC, Pre2 DAC Qx, Pre DAC, Pre DAC Qx, Pre XP, Pre XPd Qx.

To take advantage of this exceptional upgrade, simply register your current product with Cyrus at to reserve your QXR upgrade service. Bring your product in to store and we will send it to the Cyrus service department for the upgrade. Please note this QXR DAC upgrade is only available through official Cyrus dealers and products should not be sent to Cyrus directly.

  • Cyrus QXR 32-bit/768kHz DAC Upgrade Card offers an upgraded DAC for Cyrus models
  • 32-bit/768kHz audio resolution for digital files through asynchronous USB
  • Signal reclocking on optical and coaxial digital inputs to reduce jitter for cleaner signal
  • Headphone amplifier with improved dynamics with 138mW per channel for up to 64ohms impedance
  • Upgrade available on over 15 products from 10 years of Cyrus models
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BrandsCyrus Audio
Product Specifications


PCM audio to 768k at a 32bit depth

DSD native 512


82DAC, 82DAC Qx, 8 DAC, 8 DAC Qx, 8 a, 6 DAC, 6a, 8 XP, 8 XPd, 8 XPd Qx, 6 XP, 6 XPd, Pre2DAC, Pre2DAC Qx, Pre DAC, Pre DAC Qx, Pre XP, Pre XPd, Pre XPd Qx


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