Cyrus PRE2 DAC QXR Pre Amplifier and 32bit/768kHz DAC

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The Cyrus Pre2 DAC QXR Pre Amplifier and 32-bit/768kHz DAC offers a separate pre amp solution, with all the detail and refinement from a reference-grade system. The Pre2 DAC QXR from Cyrus produces an audio experience that is not only cleaner, but more engaging across all types of music. The Pre2 benefits from the new QXR DAC with upgraded 32-bit/768kHz audio for increased digital resolution.

The Cyrus Pre2 DAC QXR features a separate pre amplifier, to be paired with a dedicated power amp, and offers sonic advantages over an integrated amplifier. With an isolated power supply, the Pre2 DAC produces cleaner signals from the music, without noise interference or distortion. In addition, the Pre2 DAC is capable of an extra level of dynamics and resolution, bringing a more detailed soundstage to the music.

The performance of the Pre2 DAC can be maximised by the addition of the Cyrus PSX R2 power supply, providing a smooth feed to the pre amplifier, in order for the Pre2 DAC to be fully appreciated.

The Pre2 DAC QXR contains the new QXR DAC upgrade from Cyrus, with an ESS Sabre DAC capable of processing 32-bit/768kHz audio files through the asynchronous USB input. The QXR DAC handles native DSD 512 resolution, to offer an enhanced performance of any digital audio source. Both the digital optical and coaxial inputs reclock the incoming signals to reduce jitter for a cleaner audio signal. The headphone amplifier on the Pre2 DAC also benefits from the upgrade, with a reduced noise floor and an increased dynamic range. The headphone amplifier can comfortably drive headphones with impedances of up to 64 ohms with an output of 138mW per channel.

With an improved DAC, the Pre2 takes advantages of many digital sources, including PC via USB input for high quality playback from an ultra-convenient source, as well as connecting to your TV through the digital optical input, for improved audio on your TV. The QXR upgrade is also available separately, for anyone looking to upgrade from the Pre2 DAC or Pre2 DAC QX, without needing to purchase a whole new box.

The Pre2 DAC is designed to perfectly match any of the Cyrus power amplifiers, such as the X Power, Stereo 200 or Mono X 300. A system of separates is easily accomplishable, with the addition of the either the Cyrus CD i or CD transport, to take advantage of the improved DAC or a streaming module such as the Stream X.

  • Cyrus Pre2 DAC QXR Pre Amplifier with 32-bit/768kHz DAC
  • Dedicated pre amplifier remains isolated from any power amp for reduced noise
  • QXR upgraded DAC with 32-bit/768kHz through asynchronous USB
  • Optical and coaxial inputs reclock signal to reduce jitter
  • Improved digital audio from PC, TV and CD transport
  • Connect to other Cyrus products for an improved system, such as the PSX R2 power supply
More Information
BrandsCyrus Audio
Product Specifications



Stereo RCA analogue

1 pair fixed, 2 pairs variable



PSX-R upgrade port






Optical SPDIF


Coaxial SPDIF




Analogue RCA Phono

6 pairs



PCM audio to 768k at a 32bit depth


DSD native 512



73 x 215 x 360mm




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