-Cyrus Dacx Plus D/A Converter

In the Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter the sophisticated re-clocking circuit measures the precision of incoming digital signals to determine the quality of the input source
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Many Cyrus owners recollect the impact that the HiFi industry felt a decade ago when Cyrus launched the Discmaster/Dacmaster/PSX-R combination. The combination set new performance standards for CD replay, featuring leading edge digital technology presented in a unique 4-box format.

The brief for the Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter was to bring this 4-box formula up to date by taking the best DAC technology available today and building a class-leading stereo digital decoder to partner the CD8x and a pair of PSX-Rs. Adding a separate analogue pre-amplifier into the DAC X chassis upgrades the Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Convertor to the DAC XP+ which becomes the control centre for a high-end stereo system.

D/A conversion - At the heart of a quality D/A converter is the circuit that converts the digital source signals to analogue. Careful design of this circuit is essential to retrieve the true dynamics of the source signal and to minimise undesirable artefacts such as noise and distortion. Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter achieves this with a two stage upsampling design where all sources are initially upsampled to 192k before analogue conversion by quad high-precision 24-bit converters operating in a fully balanced configuration. The technical specifications endorse the quality of this stage with class-leading performance for THD and noise. The elevated 192k sample rate permits our designers to use far less aggressive analogue filtering techniques to remove undesirable out-of-band digital noise.

Jitter reduction - All audiophiles understand that low jitter is an essential requirement for the clocks and data signals passed within a D/A converter. In the Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter the sophisticated re-clocking circuit measures the precision of incoming digital signals to determine the quality of the input source. High accuracy sources such as the CD Xt SE+ CD transport are digitally re-clocked by a close tolerance circuit with triple quartz references. For signals from low accuracy sources such as personal computers the circuit automatically relaxes the re-clocking precision to ensure reliable signal recovery.

Sample rate handling - The Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter is prepared for the wide range of sample rates available from today's digital sources and beyond. Group 1 close tolerance performance is available for 32k, 44.1 k, 48k, 64k, 88.2k, 96k, 128k, 176.4k, 192k source material. For sources outside of Group 1 requirements, any sample rate in the range 32k - 192k is accepted. Non-stereo waveforms (surround sound etc) are identified and suppressed to avoid undesirable digital noise.

Digital output - An optical digital output provides a useful digital feed to send the signal from the selected source to digital recording devices or to a multi-channel surround sound decoder.

Power supplies -The Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter power supply is a traditionally built linear design, with an oversize toroidal power transformer including twin windings dedicated to the digital and analogue sections and entirely separate power regulation for the DAC and analogue filter sections. Two-stage regulation is used for critical stages with remote shunt regulators located within the heart of the audio circuitry.

The Cyrus DAC XP+ upgrade - By returning the Cyrus DAC X+ D/A Converter to the factory, a complete high-end pre-amplifier stage with separate power supply can be added, bringing the DAC X+ up to full DAC XP+ specification.

  • Customizable inputs allow you to match the DAC input options to your own system options.
  • Clear soft green backlit LCD display matching all other Cyrus components.
  • Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis lightweight alloy and non-magnetic material throughout
  • Outstanding dynamics, rhythm (timing) and pin sharp resolution.
  • High-end DAC technology - Full 24 bit resolution with 192k upsampler
  • True balanced topology - Fully balanced topology from the digital domain to the output
  • Extensive use of Star-earthing - Ability to resolve to very low signal levels
  • High accuracy dual-mode master clock - Ultra-low jitter clock reference for quality Group 1 sources
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    Brands Cyrus Audio
    Product Specifications
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    Silver and Brushed Black
    • THD
    • Digital Output
    500mV pk-pk 75 Ohms
    • Weight

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