-Cyrus Cdxtse + / Dacx + CD Player

Combining the Cyrus CD Xt SE + and the Cyrus DAC X+ to make the ultimate Cyrus reference CD player system
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The Cyrus CD Xt SE+ is the transport or disc spinning half of the ultimate Cyrus CD Xt SE +/ DAC X+ Cyrus CD player system. At the highest levels of CD player development Cyrus have learnt that it is beneficial to separate certain sections of the CD mechanics from the low level decoding sections. The most successful way they have found to do this is to manufacture the player in two separate and isolated die-cast chassis. The benefits of this approach bring higher resolution, quieter background and improved imagery

The 'other half' of the high-end Cyrus CD Xt SE +/ DAC X+ Cyrus CD player system is a matching DAC called DAC X+. Separating the mechanical elements from the low-level decoding circuits offers significant improvement to the resolution of the audio signals. Conversely joining the low level analogue signals, post DAC, with the preamplifier delivers improvements so we make a combined DAC and preamp model called DAC XP for the ultimate hi-performance solution. You have a choice between our high performance DAC X+ with our most advanced engineering or the preamp equipped version for the best systems. Being Cyrus, the multi-input decoder only (DAC X+) can be upgraded to full DAC XP+ dual mono, fully balanced preamplifier specification later on. So if the DAC XP+ is beyond your means initially, you can upgrade later and gain the benefits of the ultimate performance as funds allow.

The Cyrus CD Xt SE +/ DAC X+ Cyrus CD player system is all about accuracy. First a highly accurate reference clock is generated and this is used to locking together a special Sample Rate Converter and the Digital to Analogue Converter for maximum digital accuracy. After re-clocking (from a wide number of available original sample rates) the signal is up sampled to 192 kHz before feeding to twin stereo DAC's designed in dual mono configuration enabling balanced operation. Operational elements of the system, such as the digital control signals, are optically isolated from the twin mono DAC cards improving the clarity of the system. The re-clocked digital signal benefits from the development of a carefully specified power supply system. Based on a custom designed ultra low noise toroidal power transformer, the power is cascaded through a number of sophisticated regulation stages and isolation techniques that ensure each section receives an unrestricted, noise free, power supply.

Each input may be re-named from a wide list of options within the menu allowing the owner to customise the DAC's input options to match their own system options. The input names are displayed on the clear soft green backlit LCD display matching all other Cyrus components

Although the DAC X+ will slave "on", through the Master Control BUS with any Cyrus CD player, it will act as and respond to preamplifier remote commands if fitted with the optional preamplifier.

  • Specifically developed for Audio data standards
  • Up to 5 times fewer data errors than ordinary players
  • Less reliance on error correction
  • Better signal to noise ratio
  • Improved laser control accuracy
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    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewCDXTSE+ / DACX + - Detailed, pacy, articulate and effortlessly well-rounded sound
    What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2010What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2010CDXTSE+ / DACX + - Best Cd Player £2000.00 +

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