-Cyrus 8XPD QX Amplifier

The Cyrus 8XP x Qx follows the same design purpose as the Cyrus 8XP d but features the more advanced DAC module known as the Qx DAC…..
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-Cyrus 8XPD QX Amplifier

The new Cyrus 8XP d Qx amplifier platform includes many features new to Cyrus amplifiers such as onboard DACs and multi-source / multi-zone features. However it is the adoption of the preamplifier from the DAC XP that is the key feature. The new preamp is a huge step up in performance in Cyrus' 6 & 8 series models and together with expanded upgradeability our amplifiers now deliver far higher levels of performance than before. The Cyrus 8XP Qx also features Cyrus' more advanced DAC module known as the Cyrus Qx DAC.

Combining Cyrus' latest XP series preamplifier with a newly revised 2 x 70 watt power amplifier has resulted in the Cyrus 8XP d Qx integrated amplifier offering an unusually subtle and detailed sound. The Cyrus 8 XP's power amplifier section is powerful for almost any size listening room, producing bass instruments with strong and detailed confidence. Because the Cyrus 8XP d Qx is based on the more exotic X series circuitry, the Cyrus 8XP Qx delivers such a surprisingly sophisticated performance for its price point.

Via USB you can play digital from you laptop, PC or MAC through the Cyrus 8XP d Qx built in high performance DAC's. Uncompressed files sound best but anything that plays on your computer will sound better through the Cyrus 8XP d Qx. You can even add remote control of your media with an iTouch or Logitech accessory.

The Cyrus 8XP d Qx includes a zone 2 feature for easy Multiroom audio. All you need is an iPod dock with an aux-in & remote volume, and hey presto; you can listen to a CD in the lounge (zone 1) and radio in the kitchen (zone 2).

Cyrus selected magnesium and a high tech pressure casting method for their main chassis because, like other high performance industries, Cyrus recognise many unique and desirable properties that help Cyrus improve their products. Cyrus components are compact yet powerful, so how can they achieve this miracle of engineering? Cyrus' one-piece magnesium chassis creates a fabulously efficient way of radiating heat. This efficiency means Cyrus do not need massive heat sinks inside a big box. Cyrus components can. Therefore, be smaller and more home-friendly than the behemoths that use conventional case technology.

  • Because of onboard DAC, the Cyrus 8XP d Qx can be used alongside the Cyrus CD XT transport
  • Features the more advanced Cyrus Qx DAC
  • Wide range of inputs including USB digital feeds
  • MC Bus system
  • Fully factory upgradable
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