Clearaudio Innovation Turntable, TT3 Tonearm & Stradivari V2 (Display Model)

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The Clearaudio Innovation Compact Turntable with TT3 Tangential Tonearm and Stradivari V2 Cartridge includes the Innovation Compact turntable in wood, the TT3 Tangential tonearm and the Stradivari V2 cartridge; all three items are ex display

Clearaudio Innovation Turntable, TT3 Tonearm & Stradivari V2 (Display Model)

The Clearaudio Innovation Compact Turntable with TT3 Tonearm is based upon OSC (optical speed control) technology, and due to the speed stability values that this brings, it really puts this turntable out there as a high end, incredibly high performing deck.

This Turntable features a 70mm thick platter made up of POM (polyoxymethylene) and is also powered with a high-torque DC motor with precision bearings that has been developed and designed exclusively for Clearaudio.

The chassis is designed optimally so that it keeps resonances away from the audible range but also guarantees full stability. The ability to add a second tonearm makes the turntable equipped enough to then play a rich variety of music from decades ago.

Clearaudio's Innovation Compact features an extremely well designed and structured deck as well. This deck is made from a combination of aluminium and Panzerholz (which is bulletproof wood). The Panzerholz material is being used to damp put unwanted vibrations.

The Clearaudio TT3 tangential tracking tonearm delivers authentic sound with an extremely low amount of distortion. The TT3 is mechanically controlled so requires no power assistance and since it's mechanically operated, it promises a flawless musical experience without any kind of unwanted noise.

Clearaudio's TT3 incorporates polished glass and extra smooth bearings that enables the cartridge to move free from friction and also guarantees minimum resonance. The TT3 also features height adjustment and proper cueing; a feature it shares with its siblings in the TT range.

Clearaudio Stradivari V2 Cartridge is one impressive piece of technology with a dynamic range of 95 decibels that makes the audio experience so much more engaging. The Stradivari V2 is based upon patented V2 technology that enables noise-free sound and is made up of fine high-end materials.

It has been intricately designed with selective material so any noise and unwanted vibrations are easily filtered. Some of these materials are long-aged ebony and coils of 24K-gold and as a result you get a stunning audio experience. These premium materials deliver clean sound as all the noise and distortion is cohesively filtered.

  • Innovation Compact Turntable:
  • 70mm thick platter made up of POM (polyoxymethylene)
  • High-torque DC motor
  • Deck is made from a sandwich of aluminium and Panzerholz (which is bulletproof wood)
  • TT3 Tangential Tonearm:
  • Mechanically controlled so requires no power assistance
  • Polished glass and extra smooth bearings
  • Cartridge moves free from friction
  • Stradivari V2 Cartridge:
  • Dynamic range of 95 decibels
  • Unwanted vibrations are easily filtered
  • Long-aged ebony and coils of 24K gold is used

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