Just plug in your Chumby portable wireless system, connect to your wireless network and use your computer to create a line-up of favourites from those 1200 widgets in 30 different categories
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The Chumby portable wireless system takes your favourite parts of the Internet and delivers them to you in a friendly, always-on, always-fresh format. It's a window into your Internet life that lives outside your desktop, so content like weather, news, celebrity gossip, podcasts, music, and more has a place to play away from your world of documents and spreadsheets. Just plug in your Chumby portable wireless system, connect to your network, and use your computer to create a line-up of favourites from over 1,200 widgets in more than 30 categories, with new ones arriving all the time. Then let your Chumby portable wireless system do its thing - streaming everything you like, from sports scores to stock quotes, from video clips to interactive games, from photos to trivia.

What is FREE Chumby content? It's a collection of over 1,200 widgets in more than 30 categories, such as weather, social networks, photos, sports, news, entertainment, videos and much more. Chumby content is always evolving - we're constantly bringing the most interesting information on the web right to your Chumby portable wireless system so you don't have to search for it yourself. And the best thing about all this Chumby content is that it's FREE!

Tune into one of our many internet radio options. Pandora Radio builds personalized music playlists based on artists or songs you like. SHOUTcast streams thousands of free online radios stations from around the world. The New York Times, CBS, and Mediafly offer podcasts on a ton of topics, like news, sports, comedy, fitness, science, travel, languages, entertainment, and much more. Radio Free Chumby has a dozen stations you can quickly tune into. Own a Squeezebox device? You can stream your music collection over the Chumby portable wireless system. Want even more Internet radio options? You can enter a URL for any stream in MP3, M3U, and OGG or PLS formats

You can also listen to any MP3, M4A, AIFF and WAV files on your iPod through the two stereo speakers while recharging it. The Chumby will also play music from USB storage devices that are in MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC or M4A formats.

Stay connected with the Chumby portable wireless system - view the latest activity on your social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter. See who sent you a friends request, check messages, and keep in touch without being a slave to your computer. If you have "chums" (friends with a real or virtual Chumby), you can even surprise them by sending a widget you've customized to their Chumby's. Check out all of the Chumby's widgets in the Social Networks category.

Waiting for an email message? Use the Email Notifier to see the latest messages in any POP or Gmail account. Or use the Flashcan ecard tool to create a unique message to send to a friend's real or virtual Chumby. Check out all of our widgets in the Communications category or try out the Flashcan ecard builder.

  • The Chumby only measures 13cm wide, 10cm tall and 8cm deep
  • Comes in a soft casing with a variety of colours
  • Powered by the Linux operating system
  • Fitted with 64MB of memory and a 3.5in TFT liquid crystal touch-screen display
  • Stereo speakers, a 3.5mm jack and USB 2.0 socket
  • A catalogue of more than 1200 widgets, including Facebook Status and Twitter
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