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  • Chord Signature Plus Phono Pair 1M

-Chord Signature Plus Phono Pair 1M

The Chord Signature Plus represents a real step forward in the world of interconnect cables. Based on the award winning Chord Signature, the Chord Signature Plus is fitted with the ultra low mass RCA plugs first used on the company's Indigo cable…….

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The Chord Signature Plus represents a real step forward in the world of interconnect cables. Based on the award winning Chord Signature, the Chord Signature Plus is fitted with the ultra low mass RCA plugs first used on the company's Indigo cable, along with the unique vibration damping machined acrylic plug surrounds used to such good effect on the Indigo. That something as seemingly simple as a plug surround can have such a profound effect on the overall performance of the cable it is fitted to is genuinely surprising. By controlling vibration and resonance, the acrylic plug surround lowers the noise floor of the system. Instruments are easier to place within the sound stage and dynamic shifts far easier to hear. The plug surround on its own is a significant upgrade to the original Signature but combined with the new primary and secondary return paths, performance takes a real leap forward. The secondary return path fitted to the Chord Signature Plus brings very obvious and striking improvements to timing, dynamics and sound stage. Rhythms become far more obvious and easy to understand, as do the subtle timbral differences that define the different tonal signatures of acoustic guitars. Voices are far more believable and realistic. Most of the improvements listed above are concerned with the involvement and enjoyment of music. The secondary return path and the acrylic plugs also contribute to the high fidelity aspect of a system. Sound stage, instrument separation and depth of image all take a big step forward

The performance improvements over the original Signature are more than enough to get excited about but what makes the Chord Signature Plus so special is that the secondary return path and acrylic plug surrounds can be retro fitted to any existing Signature or Signet RCA interconnect. The original Chord Signature rightly deserved the reviews and awards it received. Now, owners of the Signature can return the cable to Chord and have it upgraded to Signature Plus specification and performance. This involves new plugs, new contact pins, the addition of the secondary return path and of course the vibration damping acrylic plug surrounds. Rather than having to purchase a whole new cable you can simply upgrade your existing one.

  • Precision cast silver-plated signal conductors
  • Primary and secondary silver-plated signal return paths
  • Silver-plated high frequency effective combined shielding system
  • Internal and external Teflon™ insulation
  • Ultra low mass silver-plated non compression RCA plugs
  • Unique vibration damping acrylic plug casing
  • Floating shielding system
  • Single material signal path
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