-Chord Shawline RCA - RCA 1.0m (Pre-Owned)


The Chord Shawline Analogue Interconnect comes in a range of terminations and features Chords new tuned ARAY conductor geometry

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-Chord Shawline RCA - RCA 1.0m (Pre-Owned)

Chords tuned ARAY conductor geometry that is used on the Shawline analogue interconnect was originally developed for us on their flagship cables as it carries high levels of detail and dynamic information but it's now trickled down to the mid-range models. Due to the complexity of it they need to be hand built by Chords highly trained technicians. The Tuned ARAY geometry carries the musical signal with an extreme amount of detail and togetherness, dramatically improving the sound it would have without it.

The RCA termination is fitted with Chord VEE3 direct silver plated RCA plugs. The conductors with polytetrafluoroethylene insulation and high frequency effective carbon composite shielding allow minimal distortion to affect the performance of the cable; an outer jacket is then placed around the conductors to reduce mechanical noise even more. The Shawline analogue cable has been rigorously tested at their UK factory so any imperfections in sound or places it's lacking they can work on. 

  • Tuned ARAY conductor geometry
  • Carries high levels of detail and dynamic information
  • Silver plated RCA plus
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene insulation and high frequency effective carbon composite shielding
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