-Chord HDMi Active Silver Plus High Speed / Ethernet

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Everything about the Chord Active HDMI is there to guarantee the best possible picture and sound quality
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Everything about the Chord Active HDMI is there to guarantee the best possible picture and sound quality. The Chord HDMI Active High Speed with Ethernet has dedicated Ethernet and audio return conductors optimised for best sound quality. Conductor size has been increased and performance improved with the use of low-loss gas-foamed polyethylene insulation. The silver-plated conductors are heavily shielded and overall shielding has been improved with the addition of a high density braided shield. The unique high frequency filter can make dramatic improvements to both picture and sound quality. During tests the new cable design and revised filter brought dramatic improvements to picture quality when used with set top boxes. The filter also proved very effective when the cable was tested over longer runs, bringing obvious improvements to picture quality when used to connect a projector.

The filter doesn't just bring improvements to picture quality. When used to connect a DVD or Blu-ray player to a surround amplifier the improvements to sound quality are striking. Sound is more detailed, natural and involving, adding to the home cinema experience. Games enthusiasts are also using the Chord HDMI Active High Speed with Ethernet cable to connect their high definition games consoles and reporting improvements in picture detail, making games more immersive and enjoyable. Whatever your passion, get the best from it with the best performing HDMI cable available.

  • High speed 1080p, 3D compliant
  • Will carry future high resolution formats up 4k x 2k
  • Supports all HDMI audio formats (incl HDMI 1.4)
  • Dedicated Ethernet wiring carries up to 100Mb/s signals. Audio return
  • Unique in-line filter improves sound and picture quality
  • 24 AWG silver-plated signal conductors. Low-loss gas-foamed polyethylene insulation
  • Three layer high frequency effective shielding. High quality gold-plated die-cast plugs
  • Available in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m, 10m and 15m lengths
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