-Chord Carnival Silver Screen Biwire Speaker Cable

The Chord Carnival SilverScreen Bi-Wire offers a set of performance characteristics that make it unique at its price point
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-Chord Carnival Silver Screen Biwire Speaker Cable

Up until now, our experimentation with shielding systems on speaker cables has produced products in the mid to high end of our range. The Carnival SilverScreen Bi-wire dramatically changes that. During the development of the Signature and the Epic speaker cables we connected both cables to some surprisingly inexpensive systems, the results were extremely impressive. Shielded speaker cable produces a remarkably consistent series of improvements regardless of the system they are connected to. It is however extremely difficult to recommend a speaker cable that in some cases costs more than the rest of the system put together.

The Chord Carnival SilverScreen Bi-Wire offers a set of performance characteristics that make it unique at its price point. The oxygen free copper multi stranded conductors used in the Chord Carnival SilverScreen Bi-Wire have been borrowed from the Chord Carnival Classic. Likewise the low-density polyethylene insulation and twisted pair configuration. The conductors are surrounded by a soft PVC casing that provides excellent mechanical damping characteristics. This is surrounded by a heavily overlapped dual foil shielding system and this in turn is surrounded and protected by a translucent PVC outer jacket, again with excellent mechanical damping characteristics.

As with the Signature and Epic speaker cables the shield fitted to the Carnival SilverScreen reduces interference, lowers the noise floor and brings big improvements to the entire frequency range of the system it is fitted to. Timing is improved, as is the dynamic performance. Levels of detail are increased but what really matters is the coherency with which this information is presented. Carnival SilverScreen can dramatically improve the musical abilities of almost any system it is fitted to.

However, given the price, the Chord Carnival SilverScreen Bi-Wire should also be serious considered for use in home cinema and multi-channel music systems. The sheer number of components and the amount of cabling involved in a typical multi-channel home cinema and music system makes a compelling case for the use of a shielded speaker cable. For a typical home cinema system using Carnival SilverScreen for the front three speakers and the Chord Carnival Classic for the rear speakers will produce outstanding results. The fact that both cables share identical conductors will help to bring a real coherence to the sound of the system.

  • Dual foil shielding system
  • Oxygen free copper multi-strand conductors
  • Highly flexible and simple to prepare and install
  • Bi-Wire configuration
  • More Information
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