-Chord Anthem 2 2 Rca To 5 Pin Din 1.0M

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The original Chord Anthem was the first of Chord's interconnects to make use of a high frequency effective shielding system
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-Chord Anthem 2 2 Rca To 5 Pin Din 1.0M

The original Chord Anthem was the first of Chord's interconnects to make use of a high frequency effective shielding system. The performance advantage that the shielding system produced inspired the company to experiment further and produce the Chord Signature and Indigo interconnects. These in turn have influenced the design of the Chord Anthem 2 DIN interconnect. The shielding system is now more effective. Combined with the silver plated, oxygen free copper multi stranded conductor and Teflon™ insulation, the Anthem 2 is capable of accurately carrying very fine levels of detail and dynamic information across a wide band width.

Like the Chorus 2, the Chord Anthem 2 uses a tri-layer combination shielding system. A version of the shielding system is also used on Chord Epic speaker cable. This shielding system combined with the silver-plated, Teflon™ insulated conductors, borrowed from the Chord Odyssey, mean that Epic is more than capable of accurately carrying the extended bandwidth signal that the Anthem 2 is capable of delivering.

The other popular option is simply to use Chord Odyssey. Both the Anthem 2 and Odyssey use silver-plated signal conductors and using the same materials for both interconnect and speaker cable can be a very effective way of producing a coherent and musical sound with excellent detail.

This is also really the point where you should be paying serious attention to mains cables. At this level the improvements to dynamics, definition and detail that a cable like the Chord Power Chord can make will be extremely easy to hear.

The Chord Anthem 2 is available as a 1 metre lengths. Custom lengths are available to order. We do not recommend the use of Din cables in lengths shorter than 1 metre for reasons of sound quality.

  • 2 RCA to 5 pin Din
  • Silver-plated, oxygen-free copper, multi-strand signal/return conductors
  • Triple layer shielding system
  • Teflon® insulation
  • Available in RCA, Din and XLR configurations
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