-Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player

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  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player
  • Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player

-Bryston BDP1 Digital Music Player

The Bryston BDP-1 digital music player is the world's first dedicated player for high resolution digital files

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The Bryston BDP-1 digital music player is the world's first dedicated player for high resolution digital files. Our objective was to isolate each critical stage of the playback process using the highest quality components available within a single function device. The BDP-1 separates the digital processing side (playing music files) from the data management side (storage, handling, ripping etc) in order to deliver the most quiet, lowest distortion playback option available. The Bryston BDP-1's single function is to play high-resolution digital music files from any USB storage device without compromise. The BDP-1 does not contain a hard-drive (no moving parts), a streamer, a CD player/ripper, a router or noisy fans. The Bryston BDP-1 Digital Player is also much easier to operate than a typical multipurpose desktop interface.

At the core of the Bryston BDP1 music system is a Linux operating system optimized to provide the highest quality audio performance. Bryston has employed an industrial quality main board that only uses a small fraction of its computing power under any operating conditions. Mated to this robust operating system is a Bryston-modified soundcard of the highest quality, featuring an AES-EBU Balanced and BNC (spdif ) output section for the highest possible performance when connected to the AES-EBU, BNC or COAX input on the Bryston BDA-1 external DAC. Bryston has also incorporated electronic isolation of all audio components from computer components within the device and has employed galvanic isolation to prevent charge-carrying particles from migrating within the BDP-1.

The Bryston BDP 1 focuses solely on playing high resolution files and will support 16 and 24-bit word lengths and 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz sampling frequencies. The BDP-1 accesses these digital files from any USB device - either thumb-drive or hard-drive.

The BDP-1 Digital Music Player delivers superb playback performance for files of all resolutions. It reproduces the digital content in its native sample rate and bit depth and outputs the data stream to the Bryston BDA-1 external DAC through a high performance dedicated AES-EBU balanced XLR output or BNC/COAX (SPDIF) connector. It processes digital music files at a performance level unattainable with other playback solutions.

The BDP-1 digital music player is a technically sophisticated component that can be controlled by a variety of graphic interface devices (laptop, Netbook, PC, PDA, iPhone™, iPod touch®, iPad™, etc.) via your home network. Control of the BDP-1 can be enhanced using devices that feature rich, graphic presentation. To be clear, the BDP-1 can be controlled via network enabled devices, however the BDP-1 does not stream music over the home network. The network is ONLY used to access your music library from a remote device. This approach bypasses the limitations inherent in streaming high-resolution digital files, especially over a shared network at home. Bryston also has its own interface (MINI) loaded on the BDP-1 as well as a computer web-browser interface (MAX). The BDP-1's graphic interface operates under open source software protocols, ensuring long term future compatibility with the widest range of new digital devices as they come to market

The BDP-1 can also be operated outside the home network by simply utilizing the buttons and two-line graphic display located on the front panel of the BDP-1. You can also access the basic functions of the player using the Bryston BR-2 remote (Play, Pause, Stop, Next and Previous). So with the BDP-1 you DO NOT have to be on the network to play your songs. You can do basic navigation of the USB drive(s) using the display and front panel controls. You can open folders and choose songs to play. Once you become comfortable with the operation of the BDP-1, you can select a network-based interface to best suit the preferences of each user.

In conclusion, the easiest way to understand the Bryston BDP-1 Digital Music Player is to think of it as an 21st century updated CD player. Instead of CD's as the music source though it utilizes USB thumb drives or USB hard drives as the music storage source. For example you can use a large 500GB USB hard-drive which is permanently connected to the BDP-1 for mass storage of your music and then use a number of smaller 8-16GB USB thumb-drives to create specific play lists - one for Jazz, one for Classical, one for Rock etc. and insert them into the BDP-1 as you wish. Also your friends can come over with their favorite songs loaded on their personal thumb-drives and listen as well. The Bryston BDP-1 is designed to interface between your "music library" and a high quality external DAC (preferably the Bryston BDA-1). The "component" chain.

  • BDP-1 has 'no moving parts'
  • BDP-1 is a player not a server
  • Can be used outside of the network (not a dead box)
  • One step closer to the master tape - no spinning discs, glass masters or manufacturing issues
  • Linux imbedded operating system with open architecture allows for many added features going forward.
  • No computer housekeeping or virus issues
  • No noisy switching power supplies or streaming devices
  • A lot more music being released on dedicated thumb-drives - (e.g. The Beatles and USB individual albums)
  • Bryston Mini and MAX web-app built in
  • Bryston App can accommodate individual Play Lists and can see track listing and album artwork from your armchair
  • Additional Information

    Brand BRYSTON
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • THD
    • Channel Separation CD
    • Power Consumption
    10 Watts
    • Weight
    • Impedance
    BNC 75 Ohms
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    Special Price £2,350.00

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    Warranty information for Bryston:

    Bryston products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. However, if something does go wrong with the product we are here to help. From your date of purchase your product is warranted against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 240 months on audio amplifiers,60 months on digital and 36 months on CD player transports.

    This guarantee applies to all Bryston Products including Digital Streamers, Digital to Analogue Converters, Headphone amplifiers, Home Cinema Pre Amplifiers, Multi Channel Power Amplifiers, Stereo & Mono Power Amplifiers. Providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of premium Quality.


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