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Bryston BCD1 CD Player

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  • -Bryston BCD1 CD Player

-Bryston BCD1 CD Player

The Bryston BCD-1 CD Player is a State-of-the-Art Redbook CD player using fully discrete analogue Class-A proprietary Bryston circuits, a quality Drive, and a 192K/24Bit Crystal DAC

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The Bryston BCD-1 CD Player is a State-of-the-Art Redbook CD player using fully discrete analogue Class-A proprietary Bryston circuits, a quality Drive, and a 192K/24Bit Crystal DAC.

The advantage of an all in one box solution for a CD Player (as opposed to a separate outboard DAC and Drive) is the elimination of jitter. For optimum performance the Drive and DAC must use the same MASTER CLOCK. If the clock signal of the drive is not synchronized with the clock signal from the DAC then jitter develops. In external DACs the digital input must be re-clocked in order to reduce the jitter. Jitter is defined as mistiming of the digital signal. The timing of all those ones and zeros is of extreme importance. It isn't enough to get the bits right; those bits have to be converted back into music with the same timing reference as when the music was first digitized. These timing errors (jitter) are the bane of quality audio. With the Bryston CD player the master clock and the drive are synchronized perfectly to eliminate any possibility of jitter affecting the sound quality of the player.

The DAC integrated circuit (chip) provides the conversion of the digital signal to the analogue domain. The chip used in the Bryston BCD-1 CD Player is a Crystal CS4398. The CS4398 is a hybrid multi-bit delta-sigma DAC. This is a rather tongue-twisting description that refers to an advanced generation chip using a combination of several different methods to optimize the conversion process. This DAC uses a process to over-sample the digital input 128 times.

DAC chips also require a very clean digital power supply if they are to function at their optimum. Noise on the digital supply may cause added jitter, noise, and distortion. Incorrect circuit trace routing of the digital power supply or ground may introduce digital noise into the analogue circuits. This digital power supply is provided from a separate closely regulated and filtered source. The DAC also requires a high quality analogue power source because the analogue signal is at its lowest magnitude when it enters and leaves the DAC. As a result, any added noise or distortion will be greatly amplified by later stages. Again a separate, heavily regulated and filtered power supply with carefully routed grounds is provided. Finally, if a digital trace, signal or power, is routed in a layer above or below an analogue trace it can induce noise via capacitive coupling. Careful trace routing eliminates these problems and provides the extra dB's of noise and distortion reduction which separates good from outstanding equipment. This attention to detail with the power supplies is one of the reasons for the superior sound of the BCD-1 Bryston CD Player.

Getting the Digital side of the equation correct is only the start. Once the signal leaves the DAC it is buffered and increased in strength by operational amplifiers. In the Bryston BCD1 CD Player these are constructed from discrete devices (individual transistors, resistors, and capacitors) instead of the commonly used integrated circuits. The use of discrete devices allows the design of a circuit that exactly matches the needs of the DAC. The use of integrated circuits always involves compromises since they are designed as general-purpose devices. Discrete devices also allow for more powerful outputs from operational amplifiers since the heat from the output driver transistors is separated from other devices. In an integrated circuit op amp this heat can affect the rest of the circuitry since it is all on one chip.

With today's increased clarity and dynamic range in recordings you need equipment that not only equals but surpasses the parameters of the most demanding material available. The Bryston BCD 1 CD Player is without peer in meeting this performance challenge.

  • Redbook CD and CDR playback
  • Fully Discrete Bryston Class A analogue output stage
  • Crystal 192k/24bit DAC
  • Over-sampling is 128 times
  • Independent Analogue and Digital power supplies
  • Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA Stereo outputs
  • Transformer coupled SPDIF and AES EBU
  • Digital outputs
  • Optical output
  • RS-232 software upgrade
  • Remote 12 Volt Trigger
  • Full function IR remote control
  • CD remote operates other Bryston products volume up/down/mute
  • Cosmetically matches C-Series BP26/MPS2
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    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewBCD-1 - Timing and musicality; makes sense of musical madness

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    Warranty information for Bryston:

    Bryston products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. However, if something does go wrong with the product we are here to help. From your date of purchase your product is warranted against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 240 months on audio amplifiers,60 months on digital and 36 months on CD player transports.

    This guarantee applies to all Bryston Products including Digital Streamers, Digital to Analogue Converters, Headphone amplifiers, Home Cinema Pre Amplifiers, Multi Channel Power Amplifiers, Stereo & Mono Power Amplifiers. Providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of premium Quality.


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