-Bowers and Wilkins Signature 8NT In Wall Speaker (Each)

The Bowers & Wilkins Signature 8NT is a serious three-way in-wall system that can rightfully claim the ultimate high-end status
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-Bowers and Wilkins Signature 8NT In Wall Speaker (Each)

For many years B&W's original Signature 7 in-wall speaker set the standard for compact audiophile in-wall speakers. Remove the 'compact' tag, however, and a new world of possibilities opens up. The Bowers & Wilkins Signature 8NT is a serious three-way in-wall system that can rightfully claim the ultimate high-end status.

The B&W Signature 8NT's twin bass drivers with die-cast chassis, FST midrange driver and Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter, all carefully blended together with high- quality crossover components demonstrate a heritage that can be traced directly to B&W's 800 Series products, with their enviable list of accolades and awards.

Quite simply, the B&W Signature 8NT is the reference for in-wall loudspeakers. Supremely versatile, it provides a universal solution for those who demand the very best. Whether the application is traditional two-channel audio or multi-channel home cinema - front, centre or surround - this speaker handles all roles with consummate ease and is sufficiently powerful for larger rooms.

Conventional free-standing B&W speakers such as the 800 Series benefit from our unique Matrix™ internal bracing system, which is used to create extreme rigidity in the cabinet. The B&W Signature 8NT's back box builds on this experience and delivers similar sonic benefits. The back box's corrosion-free aluminium panels are fitted with bi-directional bracing and vibration damping panels. This dramatically reduces coloration from vibration and aids 3D imaging, helping the listener to hear images formed in the space between the speakers.

The powerhouse of the Nautilus™ derived Signature 8NT comprises a pair of 200mm (7 inch) bass drivers straddling a centrally mounted midrange/high frequency module. With suspensions specifically tuned to the in- wall application and rigid, resin-impregnated composite pulp/ Kevlar® fibre cones, these drivers faithfully portray the most dynamic and powerful signals with ease, yet retain the agility and timing required for complex musical passages. Working in its own isolating chamber, the FST midrange driver with its woven Kevlar cone is a smaller version of the driver found in B&W's 3-way 800 Series models, renowned for its ability to retrieve the finest detail.

  • 3 Way in wall speaker
  • Twin bass drivers with die-cast chassis
  • FST midrange driver and Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter
  • This product must be installed with either pre-mount kit or backbox
  • More Information
    Brands Bowers and Wilkins
    Product Specifications
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    33Hz - 22kHz
    • Recommended Amp Power
    20 - 200 Watts
    • Enclosure Type
    3 Way in wall
    • Nominal Impedance
    8 Ohms
    • Weight
    • Sensitivity
    • Frequency range
    -6dB @ 28Hz and 50kHz

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