Yamaha CDS300 / AS300 / AS500 Hi-Fi Components

Yamaha have extended their range of retro style separates with the CDS300, AS300, and AS500.


The CDS300 has been designed based on what Yamaha have learned from the CDS1000 and CDS2000, utilising the same construction techniques and design layouts. Internal circuit layouts are kept symmetrical and channel lengths kept to a minimum to minimise losses and preserve sound quality. The CD-R/RW compatible CD drive, which is a floating mechanism to cut back on vibration effects, is centrally mounted for better stability.

A front mounted USB connection can be used to play music files from USB based memory sticks and iPods. The connection will take a digital signal from the iPod, and pass it through it's own internal high quality Burr Brown 196kHz/24bit DACs.

It's Pure Direct function shuts down the unit's display and digital output section in order to get the best sound quality possible from the CDS300 by minimising interferences.


The AS300, like the CDS300, has been developed from the AS1000 and AS2000 amplifiers. Again, signal paths are kept to a minimum and as straight as possible, and circuit layout is kept symmetrical to ensure the best possible reproduction. A central bar strengthens the amplifier's construction reducing vibration and improving sound quality.

The Pure Direct button bypasses tone control, balance control, loudness control and the buffer amp in order to maintain signal integrity.

The AS300 has a unique loudness control - many amps use a loudness button, but usually when switched in they just end up destroying the sound. Yamaha's loudness control works differently in that it is variable. Loudness controls were designed for low level listening, when the human ear starts to fail to pick up frequency extremes. Instead of just kicking in a fixed loudness control, the idea is that you don't need to touch the volume control - as you turn the loudness control, it lowers the volume, and adjusts the frequency curve accordingly.

Yamaha have thought forward with this amp and provided a dedicated iPod connection, into which their dedicated YDS12 iPod dock can be connected via a single cable, with no need for plugging the dock into the mains. This connection uses it's own independent power supply in order to preserve sound quality. The YIDW10 iPod dock can also be used, which uses AirWired technology, allowing wireless use of an iPod. YDS12 YIDW10

With more and more 'lifestyle' speaker systems being used nowadays, especially those using a separate subwoofer, Yamaha have thoughtfully included a dedicated subwoofer output, compatible with all active subwoofers. Apart from the increase in sub/sat speaker systems being used, we also find that more and more people want to add a subwoofer to 'beef up' their existing speakers. Now, this is easily possible.


The AS300 is a 60wpc (8ohms) design, with a total of seven audio inputs, comprising a dedicated turntable input, dedicated iPod dock input, CD, tuner, aux and two tape loops.

The AS500 adds a litte more power, 85wpc (8ohms), and a separate record out selector, allowing recording of one source while listening to another.

All three products are available in Black and Silver finish.


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