Why turntables still beat digital sound

Why Turntables beat Digital Sound

Why turntables still beat digital sound

This has been a point of debate since CDs first came out (I do remember those days). The proponents of CDs and the early adopters all claimed that CD sound was miles ahead of tapes and LPs in terms of audio quality. They said it was more exact, more true to the original sound that was recorded, and generally more hi-fi than hi-fi. For you kids, that has nothing to do with the internet.

On the other side were the old school types, many of whom had just spend 40 years building an audio collection and would have rejected anything new at all. Others did notice a difference in the way the music sounded, noting that the bass sounds especially sounded ‘warmer’ on LP. Today, however, there is a clear, unarguable way that LPs produce better sound. 

LPs are not compressed at all. Few of us listen to CDs directly anymore. We listen to MP3s, M4As, FLACs or any one of another spoonfulls of alphabet soup which in the end mean that the digital data that makes the music has been made smaller by simplifying it, and doing almost as good a job, but with fewer ones and zeros. Almost as good really does mean almost, in this case. LPs may not be better than CDs, but they definitely sound better than MP3s.

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