What makes 4K televisions so brilliant?

  What makes 4K televisions so brilliant? 

What makes 4K televisions so brilliant?

On the face of it, it’s obvious what makes a 4K telly desirable. It is a much higher resolution screen that even 1080p screens, with roughly 4 times as many pixels. This is important in two different ways. For smaller screens (tablets, phones, etc.) higher resolution looks better because your eyes are so much closer to the screen – each pixel takes up a lot more of your visual field, so you need an awful lot of them to be seamless. The same is true in a different way for larger screens, like televisions.

The screen is much farther away, but tellies have gotten huge recently. Sit down in your living room, and hold your phone up so that it blocks out the telly. If you holds the phone where you usually use it, you can still see the telly around the edges. That means you need a higher resolution screen to get the same image quality.

The only thing holding 4K back is the lack of content for it. Few video game consoles have the sheer horsepower to generate 4k images quickly, and it won’t fit on an old fashioned DVD. However, media companies know that the 4K devices are out there, and that consumers will pay a little more for 4K versions of movies and TV, just like we did with Blu-rays. The content is coming, just be patient.

Now let's wait for the future of 8k TV's!

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