The 5 Best Gift Ideas for Vinyl Lovers

Struggling to Find the Perfect Gift for a Vinyl Lover? We’ve Got Just the Thing for You!

With vinyl sales rocketing through the roof over the past decade, it stands to reason that many of us have friends or family that are if not already a dedicated collector, then well on their way to being one. At this point in time, there may lie a bit of a conundrum for you - the person tasked with selecting a gift - as buying for a dedicated vinyl lover can often be difficult. You may not know what they already own, what they would enjoy, or even where to start. Well, this is where we come in.

Most vinyl lovers won't seriously be looking for novelty gifts (favourites of which tend to be wall clocks on a vinyl disc, vinyl record cufflinks, or vinyl themed coasters). Instead, they'll be searching for something that can truly help to improve their collection - whether that takes the form of another vinyl to add to that collection or a storage solution that will help to keep their beloved vinyl records safe from dust and damage.

This article will help guide you through the decision-making process and, hopefully, find the perfect gift for any vinyl lover. Ranging from high-end turntables through to vinyl records and accessories, here are our top five favourite gift ideas.  

The perfect gift for any lover of vinyl, and one of our most popular decks, the Rega Planar 1 improved upon the original Rega RP1, creating an almost completely new turntable. Retaining all the best aspects of the original - such as the drive belt, sub platter and dust cover - the Planar 1 features the Rega RB110, a tonearm that boasts a preset bias force that will ensure setup is quick and simple, bespoke Rega-designed zero play bearings, and a 24v low noise synchronous motor to reduce vibration transfer.
And if the technology wasn't enough, the design of this turntable is guaranteed to turn heads.The stunning plinth is constructed out of Thermoset and comes in two elegant finishes: Gloss Black and Gloss white; the ON/OFF switch has been located on the underside of the plinth in an easy to reach location, giving the turntable that bare and minimalist feel; the motor cover tray features integrated cooling, keeping the motor from overheating; and a 23 mm phenolic platter that features a high-quality flywheel effect will ensure speed is accurate and consistent.
This version of the Rega Planar 1 includes the brilliant Rega Performance Pack. This offers an upgraded drive belt for greater speed, stability and accuracy (most noticeable during a long musical notes); a Bias 2 cartridge that incorporates proprietary designs and new parallel wound coils and pivot pads to achieve more accuracy, detail and better stereo imagery; and a much higher quality mat.

Up next we have the beautiful Project RPM1 Carbon Turntable. With its 8.6 inches "S" shaped carbon fibre tonearm, this turntable isn't just a piece of Hi-Fi equipment, it's a centrepiece that demands to be admired.
The low-resonance chassis includes an inverted platter that incorporates a ceramic ball that ingeniously helps to reduce any rumble and ensure a smooth and distortion-free vinyl playback experience. The RPM1 Carbon's decoupled 15V AC motor is driven by an ultra-precision AC generator with DC power supply, and will provide this turntable with enhanced speed stability and maintains ultimate reliability.
The perfect balance of elegant design and state-of-the-art technology, this turntable will offer the best possible performance and look good whilst doing so. Top all this off with the pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge in addition to an anti-skate mechanism and you've got the perfect little turntable that even the most discerning of audiophiles would be happy to receive.
The Okki Nokki RCM Record Cleaning Machine is the best friend of any serious vinyl record collector. Designed and made in Germany, this record cleaning machine features a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system that comes encased in a compact aluminium chassis.
The motor function provides this machine with ultra-quiet forward and reverses operation. Use the goat hair cleaning brush that is supplied with the machine and select either forward or reverse motion in order to achieve an extremely effective groove scrubbing. Once this part of the cleaning process is complete, the vacuum suction arm will then remove any residual dirt and fluid, after which it is transferred to the internal liquid reservoir. This reservoir includes a sensor that will shut the machine off when full and avoid any damage to the unit.
The Okki Nokki would be the perfect solution for those looking to keep their vinyl record collection in absolutely pristine condition and will allow them to do so easily and safely thanks to built-in safety measures.  
These handy little sleeves may not look much of a gift, sure... But any vinyl lover will tell you how frustrating damaged caused by static electricity can be. Static electricity is caused when you take a vinyl record out of its sleeve (paper sleeves will leave dust on the vinyl, and polyethylene sleeves will create a static charge that causes the sleeve to cling to the record and attract dust into the grooves), it can even go so far as to damage the coils within cartridges. These sleeves help to prevent the build-up of static electricity when you remove your vinyl records from their sleeves.
Thanks to the super slippery characteristics of these anti-static sleeves, removing your vinyl records from their sleeves will no longer cause any static charge and will do away with the need to worry about static damage, bringing vinyl lovers peace of mind.  

5. Art Vinyl Play and Display Record Flip Frame

The Art Vinyl Play and Display Record Flip Frame will allow any record lover to display their pride and joy without causing any hassle when it comes to removing the disc.
These frames will allow you to stylishly display any 12" record and their contents by mounting them on the wall. And thanks to the unique design, removing and changing the vinyl record display within seconds. No need to remove the frame from the wall, as these frames are hinged and will open from the top, allowing you to slide the record out and change them at your leisure. A quick release system has been implemented, meaning all you need to do is press the catch at the top and the frame will open up with ease.
And there's no need to worry about dust, as the crystal clear window will not only display your vinyl artwork beautifully but will ensure no dust can slip in when the frame is closed. The frames come fully assembled in the box, so there's no need to worry about taking time to put it together, simply hang it on the wall (via the screw provided), step back, and admire the view.  

No Need to Fret

Now that you've seen how many different types of accessories there are out there for vinyl lovers, there's no need to worry yourself when you next need to buy for one of us. Remember, it's not just the vinyl that vinyl lovers love, but the whole experience. From maintenance to damage prevention, display solutions to storage solutions, all the way through to the turntable on which they are played, vinyl lovers are actually very easy to shop for. So good luck and happy shopping.

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