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It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago since I was writing up about Onkyo's new THX pre/power and Bluray player on these forums. But with the emergence of 3D and the 'version of HDMI we're not allowed to mention', Onkyo had to update. So out goes the old pre/processor and Bluray player, and in comes the new. The PAMC5500 remains the same. We're not on to 3D audio yet. :D

The BDPS808 Bluray player adds 3D playback over the old 807.

BDPS808 Bluray player adds 3D playback

The 9.2 channel Networking THX Ultra 2 Plus PRSC5508 processor replaces the old 5507, and adds 3D pass through, and a new version of Audyssey's existing DSX, we're told.

The matching PAMC5500 9 channel THX Ultra 2 power amp remains the same, and uses Onkyo's WRAT amplification technology.The 5500 has 220wpc on tap, and should be able to drive pretty much any speaker you care to throw at it.

PAMC5500 9 channel THX Ultra 2 power amp

As mentioned before, the PAMC5500 power amplifier remains the same.

PAMC5500 power amplifier

The above photos are of the current PRSC5507 and BDPS807 - new images will be added when we get them. But let's face it, they'll look the same! More details will be posted when we have them.

Quad Elite Series


Quad are releasing a new 'Elite' series for 2010. Building on the strengths of the 99 series, the Elite series has received updated internal components, higher specification transformers, multi-layer circuit boards, cast allot casework, along with the most advanced software. The new range consists of the following:


A CD player using 24/96 Crystal DACs. Remote controlled.


The CDS with a built in digital pre-amp, with 3 optical and 3 coaxial digital inputs. Remote controlled.


Dedicated pre-amp with 3 audio inputs, 1 tape loop, and 1 MM/MC phono input. Remote controlled.


Stereo power amplifier capable of 90wpc continuous into 8ohms, and 120wpc into 4ohms.


Monoblock power amplifier capable of 150w into 8ohms, and 220w into 4ohms.


FM tuner. Don't ask me why.

More details over at our audio forum.


Marantz AV7005 / MM7055 AV Pre/Power

Later this year, Marantz will be releasing a new AV pre/power. The AV7005 and MM7055 will be a visual cross between the current AV8003/MM8003 and their Premium product range, with their nifty little circular front panel display.

The AV7005 will have 6 HDMI inputs, with 2 HDMI outputs, all ready for 3D. It will include full HD audio processing with Pro-Logic IIz, and have Audyssey MultiEQ XT with Audyssey DSX room EQ processing. It will be fully DNLA 1.5 compliant, and incorporate an internet radio, with full suppoer for vTuner and Napster. It will also have a full 7.2 XLR output. It'll even include a phono stage!

Price will be a very reasonable £1699.


The MM7055 5 channel power amplifier which can be connected to the AV7005 via XLR. It is 140w per channel. It will have a power meter display on the front, presumably in their Premium style.

Price will be £1099.

An MM7025 2 channel power amplifier will be available to add to the above to make the system 7 channel.

Price will be £729.

All will be available October 2010. More details over at our audio forum

Bryston @ Frank Harvey Hi-Fi

We are pleased to announce that we are now agents for Bryston, and have the following items on demo:

 The BCD1 CD Player

The BDA1 Digital/Analogue Convertor

The BP26 two box Pre-Amplifier

The 4Bsst2 Power Amplifier

Other models in the Bryston range can be made available for demo with a little notice.

More details over at our audio forum

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