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Frank Harvey Open Day 30/11/2013

This year, our open day will take place on Saturday 30th November between 10am and 5pm. So far, eleven brands will be on demonstration, including Sony's new 4K ultra HD home theatre projector,Yamaha's new CXA5000/MXA5000 AV pre/power, KEF's R Series loudspeakers, Rega's new RP10 turntable, And Cyrus' new all-in-one Lyric systems and their new Class D power amplifier.

Vinyl Voucher Offer @FrankHarvey

As turntables are getting increasingly popular at the moment, we thought we'd offer something extra to those that visit our Hifix store. Purchase any of the following turntable combinations at Frank Harvey  and receive vouchers to use against any vinyl or vinyl care products in store!

£25 voucher with a B Grade Project Carbon

£25 voucher with a Project Genie MkIII/Ortofon 2m Red

£25 voucher with a Rega RP1

£30 voucher with a Project Carbon

£35 voucher with a Rega RP1 with Performance Pack

£50 voucher with a Project Xpression MkIII

£60 voucher with a Rega RP3/Elys

£100 voucher with a Rega RP6/Exact

£125 voucher with a Michell TecnoDec/Ortofon 2M Blue

£220 voucher with a Rega RP8/Apheta

£225 voucher with a Michell Gyro SE/Tecno A arm/Ortofon 2M Bronze

£525 voucher with a Michell Orbe SE/SME V/Ortofon 2M Black

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Michell Gyro SEduction



Yum yum. Michell Engineering's new limited Gyro Seduction is available and shipping right now! It sports a 'blue steel' finish to the motor, platter weights, feet, motor housing, and arm board - everything else will be finished in black. A bespoke, colour matched record clamp is also included.

It comes standard with the Techno A arm and HR power supply.

These are limited to only 99, so get your orders in fast!

RRP £2245

We'll have our own in store photos very, very soon.... :)


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Forums tend to be a place of valuable information for many people, and we felt that our customers, and our customers-to-be could do with a friendly forum where they can ask any questions they need answered, as well as join in day to day discussions about anything and everything. As well as sections for hi-fi and audio/visual, there is a trading section where you can sell your old equipment and post wants, read about upcoming shows and events, new products, as well as discussing movies and music. There's even a section for your very own blog, where you can tell us what you're doing, what your listening to, or just tell everyone about your day if you so wish. So pop over to www.peoplesrepublicofhifi.co.uk and sign up, say hello, and join in!

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